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  • Jonathan Harris: (On trying his hand on being a leading man of the 1940s) I thought I was Cary Grant. Oh, I looked into the mirror, and said, 'Yes, Yes. It's Cary Grant.' And then, I pulled myself together and said, 'Are you kidding?' You're a character man.

  • Jonathan Harris: (In 1997) Did you know that I hang in the Smithsonian Institution? Yes, I do! In the science-fiction hall there are three pictures of me with the robot!

  • Jonathan Harris: (From where he was born that developed his accent) I was born in New York City, and you know something interesting? My original speech was 'Listen to me! I was born on Teddy Teddy Street and Teddy Avenue, and that's the way it is, see! Want a little coffee? Let's go and have coffee, right?' I could not play a part like that, I'd fall apart laughing on the floor. It's been so long, I'd gotten away with that.

  • Jonathan Harris: (In 1998) I realized that the original concept of Smith was a deep-dyed, snarling villain, and he bored me to death. There's no longevity in a part like that. They'd have to kill me off in five episodes, and I'd be out of a job, unemployed again, right? So I began to sneak in the things for which I am -- at the risk of seeming immodest -- justly famous. Comedic villainy.

  • Jonathan Harris: (In 2002) It was the most fun in the whole world. I loved creating ... that dreadful, wonderful man.

  • Jonathan Harris: (In 1966) I am deliciously wicked. I am selfish, self-pitying, pompous, pretentious, peremptory, conniving, unctuous, scornful, greedy, unscrupulous, cruel, cowardly, egotistical and absolutely delightful. The boy [Billy Mumy as young Will Robinson] loves me, but I would gladly sacrifice him to achieve my ends.

  • Jonathan Harris: I'm not British, just affected.

  • Jonathan Harris: This is something like we have never seen before in the history of the industry.

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  • The first theater company Jonathan was a part of was the Millpond Playhouse in Roslyn, N.Y.. He falsified a resume and auditioned to get in.

  • Jonathan died while in the hospital due to a back injury. It was a determined the cause of death was due to a blood clot.

  • Jonathan's final film was The Bolt Who Screwed Christmas by John Wardlaw.

  • He was the first actor to receive a "Special Guest Star" credit; this was because his character was added to the series after the other characters' billing had been contractually set. Technically a regular and not a guest star, the credit means that he holds the world's record for making guest appearances in a single series - a record that is not likely to be broken in the near future.

  • Best remembered by the public for his special guest starring role as Dr. Zachary Smith on Lost in Space.

  • As a mere 8-year-old, future producer John Lasseter, who would later work with Harris in both It's a Bug's Life and Toy Story 2, was said to be a fan of Harris, prior to watching Lost in Space, which was a childhood dream come true for John.

  • Before he was an actor, he watched a lot of English movies in theaters.

  • His father, Sam Charasuchin, died in a car crash in 1977.

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