Jordan Hinson

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  • (on moving to Los Angeles) Jordan: It was a little surreal at first; I was like, "I'm actually here; I'm actually going to be acting." You get used to being there, and then it's hard to imagine not being there anymore. It's the greatest place in the world, I think. It's really awesome.

  • (On her ice-skating trainer, Sarah Kawahara, for the movie "Go Figure") Jordan: She was really patient with me, and I had a great time learning. I'd never really ice-skated before, and she kind of helped me learn fast, because all I had was a month and I had to look kind of professional.

  • (on one of her first auditions) Jordan: It was one of my very first auditions, and I was sooo nervous. I waited in the hall and studied my lines until the casting director called me into the office. Once we were ready, she said 'OK, let's get going...' So I started doing the scene since I had the first line. There I was, rambling away, until she suddenly stopped me in the middle of my paragraph. As it turns out, I was reciting the wrong line...because I read the wrong script! I felt completely embarrassed.

Trivia (21)

  • Names Airborn & Skybreaker as her favorite books.

  • Her favorite town is London

  • The first time she set foot out of North America was when she went to London for the London MCM Expo Convention in October 2007. She spent a week there for the convention (October 20 and 21, 2007) and to go sight seeing.

  • Jordan has three dogs: a cocker spaniel named Cookie and a Chihuahua/Jack Russell named Bumble.

  • Her mom's name is Shannon, her father's John.

  • Her favorite food is Chocolate Mint Zone Bars.

  • She is afraid of sharks.

  • Her favorite book is Airborn and its sequel Skybreaker.

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