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  • Jorge: (his favorite fan theory about "Lost") My favorite was one that said the flight made it safely to L.A., but while in flight everybody on the plane was cloned. So they staged a fake crash with clones and we're all monitoring their adventures on the island. Or something crazy like that.

  • Jorge: (on getting back into stand-up comedy) It might be cool to do it again because now I'd get to play a better room than a coffee shop.

  • Jorge: I'm now in the position to be more responsible for myself. And being in Hawaii is very conducive to more outdoor activity.

  • Jorge: (referring to his character on "Lost") I guess now I've got to go with he's actually quite unlucky. I mean, he won the money but there's so much bad connected to that money that I don't know how you can consider that being lucky.

  • Jorge: (referring to his, "Lost " action figure) I saw the prototype at Comic-Con, held it, touched it, and now I'm anxious to see it in the plastic and the package and that whole thing. I mean, I'm going to buy a lot; I mean, they'll send me some but I'll probably buy a lot more and just give them to everybody for Christmas.

  • Jorge: (referring to "Lost") There's something cool about an being an actor when you're a regular as opposed to being a guest star, for example, because you can settle in and kind of enjoy and play at what you do.

  • Jorge: You kind of have to think twice about going to the supermarket in cut-off sweats and a stained shirt. I mean, especially in some parts of Hawaii, there's a lot of people who just happen to have their cameras on them. And they take a lot of pictures. But yeah, it's cool, it's kind of nice. Terry O'Quinn put it best when he said it really feels good when you can make someone's day by just showing up.

  • Jorge: (the show being "Lost") We weren't sure if we would succeed or not. But we were proud of the show and we were definitely making television that other people weren't.

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Trivia (35)

  • If Jorge could bring back one dead character on the show, Lost, it would be Libby. This is so because he liked the relationship between Libby and his character, Hurley.

  • Jorge has had long and curly hair ever since he was in high school.

  • Jorge knows how to play Table Tennis. In fact, he was shown playing in one of the episodes of Lost.

  • Jorge always wanted to be a musician.

  • According to Jorge, the only negative thing about doing Lost is that its too intense.

  • Jorge's favorite character on Lost is Sawyer.

  • Like his character in Lost, if he had won a lottery he would have bought a house in Hawaii.

  • Jorge TiVos Battlestar Galactica, The Daily Show and Ace of Cakes.

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