Joseph Dempsie

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Chris Cooper on Southcliffe


6/22/1987, Nottingham, England

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  • Joseph Dempsie got his start acting at the Central Junior Television Workshop in Nottingham which led him to roles in Doctors, Peak Practice and Sweet Medicine. He had his big break when he landed a role in Skins as party boy Chris and he delayed his education to work on the show. His character has been written out of the show for the third series, but he has found other work and is currently filming The Dammned United.

    Birth Name:

    Joseph Maxwell Dempsie



    Birth Place:

    Nottingham, England

    Also Known As

    Joe Dempsie

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    • Joseph: (On the Skins cast first meetings) We've all been doing bits and pieces here and there for the show, whether it's promotional stuff or just post-production things. We see each other about once a week anyway, at the moment. I'm in touch with everyone - by text - and we all got on really well on set, it was weird everyone being thrown together. The first day when we all met we were lumped together, and we thought 'dare we make friends?' It was weird, because we knew we were going to be friends with each other... everyone's brilliant, there's no tensions on set.

    • Joseph: (On how his real life compares to the lifestyle on Skins) When I was younger there was always the parties and the sex and the drugs were always sort of around on the edge of everything, but I think everything that happens in Skins does happen up and down the country, but Skins heightens and exaggerates it. You have to exaggerate some things, take it to the next level when other shows won't. That's what makes it unique.

    • Joseph: (About his character on Skins) I play Chris, who's the nutter of the group, really, he's a bit of a jack the lad, always up to mischief, but he's got a bit of a caring side to him as well, which is great. You find out in each episode that he's not really had a very good time of it and a lot of the humour that he brings to it is a front for what's going on with him.

    • Joseph: (About Skins) The show takes a dark turn towards the end of the series. There's a lot of unresolved issues that leads perfectly into series two. We'll start working on it in the summer.

    • Joseph:(On his favorite team the Nottingham Fores) I've been going for the past few years. I hope we get promoted. I'll be honest, if it goes to the play-offs I don't know if I'll be able to hack it. I went to the Sheffield United play-off game a few years ago and it was just the most gutting thing.

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    • In March 2008, Joseph Dempsie and his Skins co-star Mitch Hewer were the celebrity guests on Lilly Allen & Friends.

    • Joseph Dempsie's theatrical credits include: • Nottingham Trent's The Pillowman, Dark of the Moon, Nine, Second Last in the Sackrace. • Sandfield Centre's Alfie. • Jesse Carlton Junior Workshop's Who is Jesse Flood.

    • Joseph Dempsie's favorite bands are Jack Penate, The Macabees, Pigeon Detectives, The Klaxons, Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes and Kate Nash.

    • Joseph Dempsie is in the the June 2008 issue of the Doctor Who Magazine.

    • Josehp had a place at Birmingham University where he intended to study history, but he took a year off to film Skins.

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