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Host on Into The Unknown with Josh Bernstein


2/24/1971, New York City, New York

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  • Josh Bernstein the former host of the History Channel series Digging for The Truth (2005 - 2007), then later hosted The Discovery Channel's Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein (Aug - Sept 2010), is the President and CEO of BOSS, the Boulder Outdoor Survival School, the oldest and largest wilderness survival school in the world. When not traveling the globe filming for the series, Josh spends much of his time leading outdoor trips and speaking to the media and the general public about wilderness living. Josh has appeared as an expert on survival and survival training on NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, National Geographic Television, and the Today show.
    Born and raised in New York City, Josh has had an adventurous spirit since childhood and spent much of his teenage years climbing, hiking, riding, and exploring the American West. At Cornell University, he double majored in Anthropology and Psychology, while spending his summers on the trail leading BOSS trips in Southern Utah. After graduating college, Josh spent a year in a post-graduate program in Jerusalem studying, among other things, mysticism and ancient texts. Josh has been nominated to Fast Company's Fast 50 list, which recognizes "executives who create value through the power of their ideas, the depth of their commitment, and the authenticity of their character." And the Denver Business Journal selected Josh for their "Forty Under 4" list for "young, dynamic business leaders whose efforts in the office and in the community are shaping the future of the Denver area."
    Josh is also a professional photographer, with published credits in USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, Men's Health, Self, Marie Claire, Men's Fitness, Blue, Outside, and Backpacker magazines. Josh has also exhibited his work in galleries from California to New York.
    In Josh's spare time he has become an accomplished writer, he wrote his first book titled Digging for the Truth: One Man's Epic Adventure Exploring the World's Greatest Archaeological Mysteries. Josh is of Jewish Heritage his father was born in the old city of Jerusalem and his paternal grandparents and great-grandparents were buried in Israel. Josh splits his time between his yurt in Utah and his apartment in New York.moreless

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    Joshua Oren Bernstein



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    New York City, New York

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    • Josh: (about his cowboy hat being mistaken for a fedora) Maybe it's a hat thing, I don't know, but I've been wearing a cowboy hat - it's NOT a fedora - for the past 21 years. It has nothing to do with Indiana Jones.

    • Josh: (talking about the enviroment during The Green Conference In NY) MAKE THEM CARE! Data alone will not encourage people to make the changes and sacrifices that are becoming necessary to help save the planet.

    • Josh: (on why he was eger to join the Discovery Channel) There's just a limiting factor given that the network [The History Channel] focuses on the history of things, You're always looking at the past, and my interests are much broader than that.

    • Josh: (about which exploration was the toughest exploration) The Lost City of the Amazon was probably the toughest because we flew into a deep part of Brazil. We had to sleep in this village without any modern conveniences. I think it's between sleeping in the chief's hut for five days, or hiking across the glacier in the Alps in Season 1.

    • Josh: (about why Digging for the Truth is the highest rated show on The History Channel) I think it's a combination of things. One is the cinematography. The fact that it is shot in high-definition makes it look just so stunning. Second, the archaeological mysteries---hopefully they're compelling. And third, I think, is the adrenaline component...the diving, the exploring, the going to extremes to bring these mysteries to life.

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    • Josh Bernstein's official website is

    • Josh minored in Native American and Near Eastern Studies at Cornell Collage.

    • Josh has 5 Hats made by Akubra and he gave each hat a nickname. Henry (his 1st hat at age 15), Henry II (his 2nd hat at age 18), Henry III (his 3rd hat at age 26), Henry IV (during season 2 of Digging for the Truth), Henry V (also during season 2 of Digging for the Truth). Both Henry IV & Henry V were custom made by Steve King from Nathaniel Funmaker of Mancos, Colorado. All hats are low-crown, wide-brim cowboy hats made of 100% Beaver.

    • Josh said that while filming the "The Da Vinci Code Bloodlines" (2x23) Episode for Digging for the Truth he was most excited to see the Mona Lisa and the Louvre, to him and his crew it was a very special opportunity.

    • In 2007 Josh announced that he's left The History Channel and Digging for the Truth and joined The Discovery Channel to host and also executive produce specials and series focusing on Anthropology, Archeology and Environmental issues.

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