Josh Saviano

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  • Now an associate at a New York City law firm, Morrison, Cohen, Singer & Weinstein.(January 2004)

  • Is currently working as a consultant at an Internet firm, and plans to start law school this fall. (June 2000)

  • Graduated from Yeshiva's Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law (12th St. and Fifth Ave in Manhattan) in 2003.

  • He is an avid fantasy sports player.

  • Josh: What would you rather have, people thinking you're a dorky kid from The Wonder Years or a satanic rock star? It's way cooler.

  • Internet rumors consistently assert that Josh grew up to be rockstar, Marilyn Manson, which is proven to be untrue.

  • Josh majored in political science at Yale.

  • There is a wide ranging urban legend that childhood star X or Y went on to become Marilyn Manson or a member of the Marilyn Manson band (the same UL variation exists for Wonder Years costar Fred Savage).

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