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  • Josh: (on shooting in New York City) I always feel like an outsider here, so the show's a chance to romanticize this city. It's my own way of getting into this [unattainable] world.

  • Josh: You have to know what your story is and really try to stick to that. But it's also really valuable to hear people's response along the way – it's a balancing act, to balance the two.

  • Josh: (on the audience of "The O.C." and "Gossip Girl") I love writing for this audience. They're so passionate. When you're a teenager and you connect with something, you connect with it in such a profound way.

  • Josh: I love writing for the actor and tailoring the part for them and letting that evolve.

  • Josh: (on Marissa Cooper's death on "The O.C.") I don't know how many people outside of the industry knew [that Marissa was dying]. A lot of people were surprised. People had been speculating for a while that it was going to be her, so whether it mitigated the finale or whether it drove more people to watch it, I don't really know.

  • Josh: (on relating to the characters on "Gossip Girl") Things are tough all over. Hopefully, even if you're not from this world. And you know, I'm not from this world but I was still kind of drawn to it through the books. You know, we try to make it so that the issues that these kids have are universal regardless of where you grew up or how you grew up.

  • Josh: (on his new show, "Gossip Girl") It's really a sophisticated take on teenage life in terms of the lives that they lead. It's a heightened reality and I think it's also you know, reflective of some of the behaviors of going on out there.

  • Josh: Obviously, this is a cyclical industry where things are in and then people burn out on them. Right now we might be witnessing a little bit of that with maybe the procedural drama. Certainly there's got to be a little bit of reality show fatigue happening.

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  • On September 20, 2008, Josh married Jill Stonerick at a ranch in Santa Barbara, California. Rachel Bilson, who worked with him on The O.C. and introduced him to Jill, was the bride's maid of honor.

  • The New Yorker he would like to meet the most is Woody Allen since Manhattan is his favorite movie of all time. He considers the Sex and the City tour buses to be the most overrated attraction in New York City.

  • The first stories Josh ever wrote when he was a kid were James Bond stories in his journals during summer camp. That, and his desire to tell stories of people in their 20's, was his inspiration for coming up with the show Chuck.

  • Josh went back to Wheeler School in 2005 to give a speech.

  • Josh cites Family Ties, Quantum Leap, Moonlighting, Seinfeld, The Sopranos, and anything by J.J. Abrams or Judd Apatow to be the shows which influenced his writing.

  • Josh lists The Sopranos, Heroes, Friday Night Lights, The Office, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, and Real Time With Bill Maher to be among his favorite shows besides his own.

  • Josh found it increasingly hard to hire writers to write episodes of The O.C. that he chose not to write.

  • When The O.C. initially started, Josh would have Orange County residents complain to him about how they are portrayed in the show.

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