Joyce Randolph

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  • Joyce's favorite drink is the "White Cadillac," a combination of milk and Dewar's Scotch.

  • Joyce appeared in a television commercial for Clorets breath mints in 1951, which was noticed by Jackie Gleason and led to her being hired on The Honeymooners.

  • Joyce was neither offered or asked if she wanted to play Trixie Norton again when Jackie Gleason revived The Honeymooners in 1966.

  • Joyce worked with Audrey Meadows before The Honeymooners, in the play "No, No Nanette."

  • Salary on "The Honeymooners": $250 a week.

  • Joyce has been called "The Garbo Of Detroit," though no one including her knows how or why the nickname was started. Joyce assumes that since Garbo was Scandinavian and she being of Finnish extraction might be the reason for the connection.

  • Joyce's nephew is Tim Redding, pitcher for the Houston Astros.

  • Joyce is the only remaining survivor of the famous "The Honeymooners" quartet.

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