Julia Benson

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Star on Earth's Final Hours


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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  • Julia Benson (born Julia Anderson) grew up in Vancouver, Canada, where she trained as a ballet, tap and jazz dancer. At the age of thirteen, she joined the Vancouver Youth Theater, touring parts of Vancouver's mainland. As a result of this, she was then invited to perform at the Abderdeen Youth Festival, in Scotland.

    As she grew older, Benson decided all she wanted to do was act and so enrolled at the University of British Columbia, graduating in 2001 with a degree in theatre and psychology. Upon graduation, she then trained as an actress at David Mamets' Atlantic Theater Company in New York City, before moving into film and television.

    Her most recognised role is that of 2nd Lieutenant Venessa James in Stargate Universe, for which she won the 2010 Leo award for "Best Supporting Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series." Aside from acting, Benson also co-created and co-produced a half hour single-camera comedy pilot for City TV. She married Peter Benson in 2009.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Julia Anderson



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    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Also Known As

    Julia Anderson

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    • (In response to the question, "Would you mind if you started getting type-cast for sci-fi movies and TV?") Benson: I love working as an actor but I don't want to be limited to one genre. It's important for me to always be challenged with new material. I always want to play the opposite of what I just played. That being said, I have loved being a part of this world and am definitely into working in this genre again!

    • (When asked what the most challenging aspect of playing her Stargate Universe character was) Benson: I have really enjoyed all the aspects of playing Vanessa James; I particularly loved working with Bam Bam [stunt co-ordinator, James Bamford] on stunts. You have to be so focused and precise while at the same time stay in the moment as an actor. I have crazy respect for stunt actors, the things they do on set are mind blowing and...they make us look good! I would love to play another role that has some fighting and stunt work as it is a ton of fun.

    • (On the cancellation of Stargate Universe) Benson: We had a really great thing going and I am grateful for the experience. But nothing in our business is permanent so you just have to appreciate what it was and move forward.

    • (Of her Stargate Universe character) Benson: I think that Vanessa has both strength and vulnerability. She can be one of the guys but also has a softer side; those are qualities that I definitely relate to.I also think that in difficult situations she wants to do what is right and even though it doesn't always work out how she planned, she always gives it her all.

    • (Of working on Stargate Universe) Benson: As actors, this show has been a dream as well as a gift, and the cast is phenomenal. Every day we all come to set with big smiles on our faces and it's because of who we're working with, so it's pretty special.

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    • Benson considers "Epilogue" to be her favorite episode of Stargate Universe's second season.

    • Benson is a big fan of both Firefly and Fringe.

    • When auditioning for Stargate Universe, Benson initially went in for the role of Andrea Palmer, but then learned that the producers were considering her for the role of Riley. It was after reading the character breakdown for Venessa James, that Benson decided she was the character she wanted to play.

    • Benson practises Bikram Yoga.

    • Anderson trained with a dancer at Brandi's strip club in Vancouver, in preparation for her role as a stripper in Road to Victory.

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