Julie Kavner

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  • Julie: When I was trying to come up with the voices for Patty and Selma I asked Jim Brooks what he wanted and he said 'They suck the joy out of everything'.

Trivia (12)

  • Julie attended Beverly Hills High School.

  • Alternate Names: Ghoulie Julie Kavner | Ghoulie Kavner | Ghouls Kavner | Gloulie Kavner | Jooooolie Kavner | Julie Kadaver Kavner

  • Kavner was born at 6:45 pm PDT.

  • Julie attended Beverly Hills High School.

  • Julie is of Jewish decent.

  • In 1984, Kavner's only child, a daughter, was born.

  • She will not allow cameras to film her doing the voices of the Simpsons characters.

  • She is sometimes credited as Ghoulie Kavner in The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes.

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