Julie Sommars

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Quotes (6)

  • Julie:(on her early school days)...I practiced handwriting until I wrote perfectly. That was my claim to fame. I was the girl with the prettiest handwriting.

  • Julie: (on her relationship with Doug McClure) It had all the intensity and beauty and storminess of a high school romance.

  • Julie: (commenting on the fact that she was an only girl with 3 brothers) I was very spoiled.

  • Julie: (About the pitfalls of being an actress) It's a profession in which you're constantly being attacked for yourself. Your size, weight, hair color and so on.

  • Julie: I was offered a couple of very good scholarships when I graduated from high school. I still wasn't thinking about becoming an actress, but a drama instructor at San Bernadino Junior College became pretty excited about my acting. I never really took myself that seriously.

  • Julie: I never thought I'd be an actress. I thought actresses had to be gorgeous and I was no Elizabeth Taylor.

Trivia (13)

  • To overcome shyness, Julie began taking speech classes while in Junior High School.

  • Julie's appeared in her first play, The Little Foxes, as a senior in high school

  • Julie has hazel eyes.

  • Julie has been married three times: to Robert Trentacosta, Stuart Irwin, Jr. and (presently) John Karns.

  • In her youth, Julie studied Native American history and culture.

  • Julie plays the piano.

  • Julie is an expert horsewoman.

  • The Governor and J.J. was filmed before a live audience.

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