Karl Davies

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  • Karl: Strange as it may seem, I love going back to Manchester. That's where I'm from originally, but I love going back there for a break. It's changed so much in the last few years, fantastic nights out and lots to see and do.

  • Karl: I love cars. Astons, Porsches, Range Rovers. I've never driven any but I love them, and If I had the money I'd have to have one! Obviously I'd Carbon Offset, I'm not Jeremy Clarkson after all.

  • Karl: Climbing is a big passion of mine, usually indoor because it's a bit safer. I used to do it in competition when I was around 14, 15, and 16. It was just local competition at junior level. I wouldn't say I was any great shakes but there was a climbing wall near where I lived. I used to really enjoy it but because of work I don't get to do as much.

  • Karl: (On starring with big names in Kingdom) It's a sense of panic you get when you realise you're in a room with Stephen Fry, Celia Imrie and Hermione Norris. No pressure there.

  • Karl: (On playing Robert Sugden in Emmerdale, who was 4 years younger than him) I feel that I can draw on the fact that I can look back and think that I've been there and done that.

Trivia (12)

  • Karl is a supporter of Manchester United.

  • Karl is a fan of the crime-drama Cracker.

  • Karl appeared in the film Dolphins.

  • Between the ages of 14-16, Karl took part in climbing competitions.

  • Karl was in the docu-drama A Very British Sex Scandal, filmed by channel 4.

  • In the past, Karl has done a wing-walk for charity.

  • Karl is a keen snowboarder and skier.

  • Karl performed with the Clauge and Green School of Dance and Drama.

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