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  • Karyn Bryant can currently be seen hosting “Showbiz Tonight” on CNN Headline News. The hour-long program airs Monday through Friday nights live at 7pm EST, and repeats later in the night at 11pm EST. “Showbiz Tonight” is a comprehensive entertainment news program, offering in-depth coverage of movies, television, music, video games and more. Each night, Karyn interviews the stars, the dealmakers and the industry insiders behind the biggest stories of the day. From time to time, Karyn can also be seen contributing both humor and insight to CNN’s “American Morning.” Before joining the CNN team, Karyn was excited to be a part of NBC's 2003 summertime smash ''For Love Or Money.'' When the contestants got together for a reunion special, she was there to host the show and moderate the conversations among the rambunctious crew. Prior to that, Karyn hosted Seasons 8 and 9 of TLC's wildly popular Emmy-nominated hit ''Junkyard Wars,'' as well as two outsized, three-team episodes of the show, known as ''Mega Wars'' competitions. In light of her past accomplishments, the turn towards the junkyard was really no surprise. During the course of her professional life, Karyn Bryant has proven that being a smart and somewhat scrappy girl can sure come in handy. After graduating from Brown University with a double major in Sociology and Political Science, she began her career as a VJ at MTV. This was the ideal job for Bryant, since she had already cut her teeth in the music world as a DJ and program director for WBRU, a 20,000-watt commercial station in Providence, Rhode Island. Bryant spent a year and a half as a VJ for MTV, hosting regular video programming in addition to such shows as ''Awake on the Wild Side,'' ''Weekend Blastoff,'' ''Buzzcut,'' ''Like We Care'' and her own lighthearted morning show, ''Coffee with Karyn.'' Following her stint at MTV, Bryant was one of the founding hosts on Fox's brand new FX network, where she appeared live five nights a week as the host of ''Sound FX.'' While there she interviewed a variety of bands, reviewed CDs and totally immersed herself in the inner workings of the music world. Because of her hands-on knowledge of countless musicians, as well as her admitted music snobbery, Bryant radiated a love for the job hosting fifty episodes of the game show ''Name That Video'' on VH1 in 2001. Music may have been Karyn's first love, but she has also been at the helm of several shows revolving around the movie industry. She spent two and a half years on TNT hosting and writing stories for ''Rough Cut,'' an entertainment series that took an insider's look at Hollywood and the world of film. After joining the network in 1996, she transformed ''Rough Cut'' from its original interstitial format into a weekly half-hour program. As host, key interviewer and anchor, she helmed many special editions of the series, including ''Copland,'' ''Inside the Academy Awards'' and ''The NATO/ShoWest Film Awards.'' Tired of watching old men review movies, Bryant and two friends created ''Chix On Flix'' in 1999. Syndicated to numerous on-line content providers, including Yahoo!, IWON.com and Ask Jeeves, the ladies got thousands of hits thanks to their no-nonsense, funny and sexy style of analyzing Hollywood's hits and misses. At the same time, Bryant returned to the Turner fold to host ''Movies For Guys Who Like Movies'' on the TBS Superstation. For more than a year she filled viewers in on interesting movie tidbits and demonstrated her daredevil abilities by partaking in whatever activity was dictated by the theme of each week's action picture. Under the guise of talking movies, Karyn has driven a Navy hovercraft, wielded an M-16 rifle as she trained with Marine snipers, flown a single-engine prop plane in a mock dogfight and has also had private lessons with some of the world's top martial artists. Unafraid of serious issues, Bryant has guest hosted ''TalkBack Live'' on CNN, and anchored hourly news reports while on-air at FX. Her time in front of the camera has also taken her to a variety of remote locations such as Turkey and Morocco for her job as an on-set host for The Hallmark Channel. She has appeared in a recurring role on UPN's hit sitcom ''Malcolm and Eddie'' as well as in The Sci-Fi Channel's cult classic ''Sliders.'' Born and raised in Massachusetts, Karyn now lives in New York City with her husband Wade and their two terriers, Marley and Maggie.moreless

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