Kate Garraway

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  • (About her husband's relatives at her wedding.) Kate: The blessing of it was the accents were so strong that my parents missed all the swearing. It was brilliant. Whatever anyone said, they would just say, 'Lovely to meet you, too.'

  • Kate: I'd be sorry only to do hard news, just as I'd be sorry only to do the fluffy bits.

  • Kate: I don't think anyone comes out of a marriage happily. You're not thinking, 'I'm so glad it ended in divorce, that's exactly what I wanted'.

  • Kate: One of the reasons you go and interview a star is not just because you like the film they're in but because you want to find out who they are and what they are, so we go through the same sort of mental process.

  • Kate: Smoking while I was pregnant is the most irresponsible and stupid thing I have ever done.

Trivia (23)

  • In Kate's gap year between leaving school and going to university, she worked in a toilet-roll factory, as the operator of the shrink-wrapping machine.

  • Kate's parents married when her mother was just 17.

  • Kate is 5' 3" (1.60 m) tall.

  • Kate was given substantial damages in the High Court from Mirror Group Newspapers on 10 April 2008. This was over unfounded allegations published in the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror newspapers in that February that she had an affair with her partner in Strictly Come Dancing, Anton du Beke. Her costs were paid by The Mirror group and they committed themselves to not repeating the claims.

  • On 18 October 2007, Kate's VW Beetle car was crushed because the tax disc was out of date.

  • The Daily Mail newspaper reported that Kate flew into a rage at a council planning meeting where she was told to undo an extension to her house which had been built without planning permission.

  • The Daily Mirror newspaper reported in August 2008 that a banana which Kate had bitten into was sold for £1,650 to a male fan. The money was given to charity.

  • Kate confessed in The Observer newspaper that she had been lied to her friends about her age, and that she had actually turned 41 in May 2008.

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