Katie Leigh

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  • Katie says the part of the teenager, Connie Kendall in Adventures in Odyssey, strangely mirrors her own life.

  • Two of her kids have done some voice acting and she says the third has the talent to do it as well.

  • Katie got into the Screen Actors Guild after she did a demo commercial for "Hawaiian Punch". It wasn't even a commercial, but a slide presentation and it still got her into the guild.

  • Some of her favorite comediennes are Goldie Hawn, Lily Tomlin, and the cast of Laugh-In.

  • Katie got interested in voice over acting when several people in the business told her how young sounding her voice was and she would be good at doing voice overs.

  • Katie grew up in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Working with Jim Henson on Muppet Babies was a dream come true for Katie.

  • Katie says that her role as Connie Kendall on Adventures in Odyssey is her most meaningful role to her.

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