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  • Katie: Bryan Singer is great. He has such a unique directing method, and he's very focused. He can be a lot of fun, and he's good with kids.

  • Katie: (on stunt work in "X-2") It was an eight foot drop to the floor. I started out on my back. They had me lying flat out, totally horizontal with the floor. And then they hoisted me up so that I was just above where the ceiling would have been, but, of course, there was no ceiling. And I was attached on either side of my hips. So I'm lying on my back and they drop me. And as I come down, someone from behind me would pull on the pick on my ankle, which would sort of flip me upright. And I would just land it and get up and run. It was a lot of fun to do.

  • Katie: (on her role in "X-Men: 2") I will be playing Kitty Pryde. Its a fun role, really small. But fun.

  • Katie: (on "Stargate SG-1") The dog O'Neill gives my character at the end of the show was really, really cute. I did not want to give him back.

  • Katie: (on her character in "The Crow: Stairway to Heaven") I think I have the same kind of spunk. I'm very self-reliant, very independent and one of those kids who says I don't need anybody, but I really do.

  • Katie: (on her role in "Augusta Gone") I play Bridget, Augusta's best friend at the reform camp she gets sent to. It was a heavy and intense movie...but the atmosphere on set was brilliant and incredibly comfortable. It was a real privilege to work with the director, Tim Matheson. He really knows how to get what he wants from his actors and from his crew.

  • Katie: (on her role on "Stargate SG-1") Everyone was very kind and made me feel very special, particularly Richard Dean Anderson. He kept trying to make me laugh - and usually did. He's such a great guy. Amanda and Teryl were very sweet, they really did make me feel like part of their family and, professionally, watching them work, I learned so much from them.

  • Katie: I am dealing with it slowly but surely. I had warned all of my friends that I was not going to acknowledge it as my 20th birthday, but that I was going to repeat my 19th.

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  • She is best friends with the British actor Steven Webb who starred with her in "The Magician's House."

  • Katie's favorite motto is: there‚Äôs always something in life to laugh about.

  • Katie is 5' 3" (1.60 m) tall.

  • Katie was a production assistant for the 2005 film "Insecticidal".

  • Katie appears in the films: "Augusta, Gone" - Bridget "14 Hours" - Ronnie Green "A Wrinkle in Time" - Meg Murray "The Magician's House (1 & 2)" - Mary Green "The Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story" - Marcus "Epicenter" - Robyn Foster "Atomic Dog" - Heather Yates

  • Katie has a little brother, Ted, who is about 3 years younger than her.

  • Katie was in the film "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" as Bunkmate Jo.

  • Katie Stuart is a very athletic person. She likes ice hockey, basketball, soccer, american football, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, rock climbing and mountain biking.

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