Katy Manning

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Jo Grant on Doctor Who (1963)


10/14/1949, Guildford, Surrey, England, UK

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  • Katy Manning was born on 14th October 1949, in Guildford, Surrey, England, the daughter of sports columnist J. L. Manning. At the age of sixteen, she spent 1 year in Hospital as a result of a car accident.

    When Katy turned eighteen she went to America and was offered a five-year contract with MGM. However, her father insisted that she return to England and study acting there.

    She trained at the Webber Douglas drama school for a year, then joined a Wolverhampton repertory company and made her debut in 1970 in "Man At The Top" (1970). However, Katy is short even by Doctor Who Companion standards -- five feet even -- which proved to be rather a disadvantage in theatre, so Katy moved into TV.

    She turned to television instead and made several commercials for ITV before appearing in an episode of "Softly Softly". Later in 1970 Barry Letts cast her in the role of new Companion Jo Grant in "Doctor Who", and she stayed for three years.

    Following Doctor Who she presented the BBC crafts programme "Serendipity" and appeared as Miss Damina in the film "Don't Just Lie There, Say Something". She returned to the theatre in West End productions of "Why Not Stay for Breakfast", "There's a Girl in My Soup", and, with future Doctor Colin Baker in , "Odd Man" . In 1975 she made a guest appearance in the series "Target". She also appeared in a Yorkshire Television production of "Oliver Twist".

    She married actor Raynor Burton in 1975, but the marriage only lasted a few weeks. In 1978 she gave birth to twins Jonathan and Georgina, with partner actor Dean Harris, whom she later married.

    She eventually found England to be stifling and in 1982 she moved to Australia where she has appeared in the shows "Educating Rita" (as Rita), "Blithe Spirit", "Run for Your Wife", and "The Odd Couple". She also wrote the television series Private Wives and both wrote and starred in the television series "Don't Call Us".

    In January 2001 Katy returned to live in Australia and continues to provide regular voiceover work, and she has recently just directed a stage play "Banjo Patterson" starring Barry Crocker.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Catherine Anne Manning



    Birth Place:

    Guildford, Surrey, England, UK

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    • Katy Manning: I was told once never to say you couldn't do anything. So when I was asked to abseil down a cliff, I said I could even though I'd never done it before. The only problem was when I got to the bottom, Jon [Pertwee] said, 'Well done, Katy,' instead of 'Well done, Jo,' and I had to do it all over again.

    • Katy Manning: I was driving along with a girlfriend once and I saw this beautiful bunch of white flowers alongside the road and I asked her to stop the car. And she's going what? I'm saying, 'It's so beautiful' and she said, 'What? Plastic bags?' Whose eyes would you rather live through: Mine or hers? I saw flowers, she saw plastic bags.

    • Katy Manning: (About preparation for her portrayal of Bette Davis) In all those years with Judy [Garland], there was a range of extraordinary characters around and it gave me an insight into this kind of person. I am using Judy and all of them to base this one on.

    • Katy Manning: The great thing is that when you can't see you don't know how far there is to fall. We lived in one place in Australia on the eighth or ninth floor and there was this tiny parapet that went all the way around, so I'd walk to the next door neighbours place in high heels and tight skirts and there's be people on the ground yelling up, "Don't do it."

    • Katy Manning: Everybody talks about Davros - but I liked it when you didn't see what was inside a Dalek because it had no human form whatsoever - and that's why it was so damn scary.

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    • Katy Manning and her childhood friend Liza Minnelli once created a traffic jam in a McDonalds drive thru, when they couldn't manoeuvre the limousine they were travelling in through the exit lane. They kept ordering until the limousine was full and the manager of the store took pity and closed the lane.

    • Katy Manning states the only fight she ever had with Jon Pertwee was when due to her myopia she got them lost by holding a road map upside down whilst directing him. Barry Letts incorporated this anecdote into a scene in the perennial favourite The Daemons, much to Katy's amusement.

    • Katy Manning spent her 5th birthday at Lords Cricket Ground waiting for the batsman to attain a century before she could celebrate her birthday.

    • Katy Manning once sang an entire aria from Rigoletto just using the phrase 'Brussels Sprouts' to amuse her co-star Jon Pertwee as he detests the vegetable.

    • Katy Manning made her directorial d├ębut in 2001 with the stage-play Banjo Patterson starring her long-time partner Barry Crocker.

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