Kellee Stewart

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Star on The Soul Man

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    • Kellee: I think My Boys is a great change for us. I love that we can see dating and relationships more from the male point of view, and I love that the central character, PJ, is a guy’s type of girl. On TV, we see the long hair, lipstick and high heels, and that’s not representative of every female in America and beyond. We need to take the time to say we don’t have to put on three inches of make-up to be attractive, to be intelligent, to get a date. It’s fresh and exciting, and I think if the viewers give it a chance, we’ll really see how far we can go with it.

    • Kellee: (on the text messaging phenomenon) You are better than a text message. He needs to pick up that phone and hear your lovely voice and communicate with you. For real.

    • Kellee: (Advice to single women who are fed up with the dating scene) Love yourself. Be grounded and positive in who you are. Don’t apologize for what you want in life, and go after it with a fierceness that you have never experienced. Try to laugh at least 10 times a day. Try to give a gift of yourself to someone else in need, and don’t focus on wanting to find that special man. Focus on who you are and, if he’s smart, he will find you.

    • Kellee: God is my soul mate, so yes, I very much believe in soul mates. And I believe people are put in your life for a reason. Even my failed relationships or friendships have taught me how to be a better person. There’s always a lesson to be learned, so as long as I keep God as my soul mate first, everything I do from this point forward will positively influence my life.

    • Kellee: You know, I’m just like everybody out there who wants to find someone to connect with. I am a hopeless romantic, and there was a time when I never really thought that being in a stable relationship would come to pass in my life. Once I got over that bitterness and got grounded again in my spiritual life, I was better able to enjoy the dating experience.

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    • Kellee will appear in the upcoming movie The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks as J.C. Evans.

    • Kellee in 2005 appeared in the following films: - Crazylove as Market Clerk - Monster-in-Law as Make Up Girl - Guess Who as Keisha Jones

    • Kellee in 2003 appeared in the following films: - Deprivation - Cry Funny Happy

    • She graduated from Norristown Area High School

    • She is best friends with Zoe Saldana.