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  • Ken Jennings has a Labrador retriever named Banjo.

  • Ken Jennings is a teetotaler.

  • In 2004, Ken Jennings worked at the Salt Lake City health care staffing company as a software engineer.

  • Ken Jennings has written and edited questions for the National Academic Quiz Tournaments.

  • While in college, Ken Jennings was the captain of the University's academic competition team.

  • Ken Jennings grew up in Korea and Singapore.

  • As a result of Ken Jennings getting the answer wrong and saying "Fed Ex" and losing, H&R Block has offered to give him free tax preperations for the rest of his life.

  • Ken Jennings finally lost to Nancy Zerg on the final round of Jeopardy. He answered "fed ex" to the question "Employees at this white collar firm work only four months out of the year." The correct answer was H & R Block.

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