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  • Kenan: I've been really fortunate to have gotten so many great roles. I've been doing sketch comedy since I was a kid, and it still blows me away. I don't even have any talent!

  • Kenan: There's no bigger feeling that you're on the top of the world than when you're on movie production and it's your movie.

  • Kenan: Certain things are always funny, like fart jokes and people falling down in front of you.

  • Kenan: (Talking about Kevin Sullivan) He was just really supportive of me for some reason. When I auditioned, he let me do it a couple more times. He was giving me notes and that's rare.

  • Kenan: (Talking about Ice Cube) He's cool and he likes comedy, but he doesn't like to be made fun of at all. He takes that kind of serious, I think.

  • Kenan: I have such respect for writers because I know they stay up til whatever time, smoking cigarettes.

  • Kenan: (on how Nickelodeon affected him) I wouldn't have had that training, I wouldn't have been as good without Nickelodeon.

  • Kenan: (when asked about All That ) It was really like my groundbreaking, my introduction into television.

Trivia (25)

  • Kenan was on a weight-loss program before being cast in the title role of the 2004 movie Fat Albert.

  • Kenan stands at 5'8" or 173 cm.

  • Kenan was present at the 2006 Comic-Con in San Diego along with Samuel L. Jackson to promote his film Snakes on a Plane.

  • Kenan's debut into acting came in 1983 as the lead role in his school's play "The Gingerbread Man".

  • Kenan won a Kids' Choice Award for "Favorite Television Actor" in 2000 for his role on the show All That. Also, he was nominated for one in 1998 for Kenan and Kel.

  • Kenan's big screen movie debut was in D2: The Mighty Ducks as Russ Tyler, the goalie on the team.

  • Kenan appeared a total of 16 times on the show Figure It Out.

  • Kenan, along with Kel, make a cameo in The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, playing college students.

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