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  • Kevin Bacon: I joke that my epitaph will be, 'No Oscars, but at least he had a game named after him.'

  • (about the Six Degrees game) Kevin Bacon: I thought it was definitely going to go the way of eight-track cassettes and pet rocks. But it's a concept that has sort of hung around in the Zeitgeist.

  • Kevin Bacon: I worked with kids quite a bit in kind of rough situations, between Sleepers and The River Wild. Just I’ve been in situations that have been kind of difficult for kids, and what I like to do is make it as clear as possible to them that I am not that guy, and they are not that person. That we are actors and we’re going to pretend together. That we are going to be colleagues and roll up our sleeves and act off of each other.

  • (about filming Apollo 13 in a NASA flight simulator) Kevin Bacon: I don't know if you've ever been in a plane that's diving toward the earth, on purpose. But you know, it's a strange thing to want to go and do over 600 times.

  • (about his brief nude scene in "Wild Things") Kevin Bacon: I have a "no full frontal nudity" clause in my contract, and I was a producer on the movie, so in theory I could have sued myself.

  • (about the Bacon Brothers) Kevin Bacon: I don't care what we play, they're gonna start screaming, "Footloose! Footloose!"

  • (about filming "Murder In The First" with his friend Gary Oldman) Kevin Bacon: You know, when somebody's thrown a bucket of cold water on you, and he's beating you with a blackjack, and the blood is flying, it helps if the person wielding the blackjack is someone you trust. It lets you fly.

  • (about the 1998 film Wild Things) Kevin Bacon: I figured, "Hey, I get the scene where I videotape [Neve Campbell and Denise Richards] making out in a pool." But when I got to work that night, they shot me holding the camera and making ogling faces without the girls even being around. They sent me home and then filmed the girls. I was like, "You're kidding!"

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  • Kevin Bacon participated in the July 7, 2007 Live Earth concert in New York (actually held in New Jersey); he introduced Melissa Etheridge.

  • On April 22, 2007, the Bacon Brothers played at Carnegie Hall as part of a tribute concert honoring Bruce Springsteen. They played Springsteen's Oscar-winning song Streets of Philadelphia.

  • He didn't enjoy wearing the pressurized space suit for his role as astronaut Jack Swigert in Apollo 13 because it was very heavy and made him sleepy. He also got claustrophobic the first time they put the helmet on him.

  • There are two films with songs by the Bacon Brothers on the soundtrack: "When You Decide You've Stayed Too Long" from 2003's Red Betsy and "Chop Wood (Carry Water)" from 2005's The Woodsman, which Kevin produced and starred in. Kevin also co-wrote the song "Medium Rare" for his 1997 film Telling Lies in America.

  • Kevin spent some time locked in a jail cell in 1994, but it wasn't because of any legal problems. He was playing an Alcatraz inmate for the movie Murder In The First and the producers wanted the actors to know what being imprisoned felt like.

  • Kevin appeared in a television commercial for the Visa Check Card that parodied the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game. In the commercial, he wants to write a check to buy a book, but the clerk asks for ID and Kevin doesn't have it. So Kevin leaves and comes back with a group of people and says to the clerk, "Okay, I was in a movie with an extra, Eunice, whose hairdresser, Wayne, attended Sunday school with Father O'Neill, who plays racquetball with Dr. Sanjiy, who recently removed the appendix of Kim, who dumped you sophomore year. So you see, we're practically brothers."

  • Kevin and Kyra Sedgwick were in the movie The Woodsman together. They also had a scene together in Murder In The First; it was Kyra's only scene in that movie.

  • Kevin was in a magazine advertisement about climate change. The ad was from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Part of the ad's text was "Six degrees can make a world of difference. Not separation... temperature."

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