Kevin Smith (II)

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Valdemar on Riverworld


3/16/1963, Auckland, New Zealand



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  • One of New Zealand's most popular and accomplished actors, Smith has amassed an impressive list of credits in film, theater and television. He has enjoyed starring roles in such hit series as TV New Zealand's Gloss, Marlin Bay and Shortland Street and has performed in dozens of stage productions ranging from Othello to A Streetcar Named Desire, Cabaret, Glengarry Glen Ross and Into the Woods. His feature film credits include his portrayal of Lawrence Hayes in the stylistic turn-of-the century drama Desperate Remedies, which earned international attention at Cannes and other European film festivals. Kevin has also played in a number of alternative rock bands in New Zealand and he is currently one of the lead singers of The Wide Lapels, a local band which has inspired rave reviews and a devoted following for its camp renderings of the worst songs of the '70s -- songs like Take a Letter, Maria, Tell Laura I Love Her and Billy, Don't be a Hero -- which qualify for the group's repertoire on the basis of having bad lyrics that don't get better with time. Born in Auckland, where he spent his early childhood, Kevin moved with his family to the small rural town of Timaru in New Zealand's South Island when he was 11. During high school, he began playing in rock-and-roll bands, but never aspired to a career as an actor. He had a passion for rugby and his dream was to play for the All Blacks, New Zealand's world-famous rugby team. At 17, Smith moved to Christchurch and worked at various jobs to pay the rent before enrolling in Canterbury University at the age of 20. He married his childhood sweetheart, Sue, and stumbled into acting literally by accident when he suffered a concussion playing college rugby in 1987. He was forced to sit on the sidelines for nearly three weeks and during that period, Sue saw a casting call ad for the touring company of Are You Lonesome Tonight, the musical tribute to Elvis Presley, and signed Kevin up for an audition. He landed the part of one of the bodyguards and was understudy to the lead. At 24, Kevin was tapped by Christchurch's Court Theater to become the company's new young leading man and he spent the next three years performing on stage. While starring as Stanley in the company's production of A Streetcar Named Desire, he auditioned for the producers of New Zealand's hit primetime soap opera Gloss, won the role of handsome scoundrel Demian Vermeer and moved to Auckland to star in the series' final season. Next he was cast as the "archetypal Kiwi bloke" on the sketch comedy series Away Laughing. Smith went on to perform in the Mercury Theatre productions of Let's Do It, Rose Tattoo, Ladies Night and Fallen Angels before starring as another bad boy in the primetime drama Marlin Bay. His role on the show lasted two seasons and earned him a 1995 New Zealand Film and Television Award for Best Supporting Actor. Since then, he has recurred as Ares in more than two dozen episodes of Hercules and Xena. He has also made several appearances in Hercules as the demigod's mortal half-brother, Iphicles. He had just finished working Warriors of Virtue: The Return to Tao (2002) at Beijing Film Studio when he had an unfortunate fall. Until the accidental fall which ultimately led to his untimely death on February 16th 2002, Kevin and Sue made their home in Auckland. He is survived by his wife & their three young boys as well as missed dearly by many friends and fans.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Kevin Tod Smith



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    Auckland, New Zealand

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    • Kevin: (Kevin on the first moment he got on stage to perform) When I was on that stage, it was like a light went on. I knew immediately acting was the thing I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

    • Kevin: Liking a bad guy is permission to live a wicked life vicariously.

    • Kevin: (Kevin on playing the bad guy, Ares, on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess) All bad characters are popular because they can access things that regular people don't get a chance to, that good characters can't.

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    • After his death, fellow actor Michael Hurst said of Kevin, "He came at things with such vigour that it was impossible not to go with him wherever he had decided to take you. He ate life, and loved the taste."

    • Kevin sings the theme song for the NZ TV show Serial Killers, which was produced about a year after his death.

    • Kevin was a big rugby fan, and supported Canterbury. But his favorite team was the All Blacks, and he was superstitious about them, having rituals that he would perform to insure victory, and would never drink in a pub again if his team lost while he was in it!

    • Kevin was wearing a fake beard in the Xena: Warrior Princess episode "The Reckoning", and he couldn't move his face much for fear that it would fall off.

    • Kevin was asked about kissing Xena: Warrior Princess co-star Lucy Lawless while her husband was standing there watching, and he said that it was much worse when her baby was watching! Kissing her in front of her husband Robert Tapert wasn't too bad, he said, because Rob was the one who produced and sometimes even wrote and/or directed the show.

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