Kevin Spirtas

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Star on Albino Farm


7/29/1962, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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  • Kevin Spirtas began his career on stage as a song and dance man in the Palace Show at Six Flags over Mid-America in 1980. The show's finale, "One Step", made Kevin a star in St. Louis.

    In 1984, Kevin starred as Tom Gallagher in the late-night series "Rituals." And in 1994, he starred as Hollywood agent Tim Burke in the syndicated mini-soap opera, "Valley of the Dolls," based on Jacqueline Susann's best-selling novel.

    Starting in 1995, he began using the name Kevin Spirtas professionally.

    In 1996 Spirtas received the Dramalogue Critics Award for his portrayal of Nick Brenner in Chuck Ranberg's critically acclaimed comedy "End of the World Party" at the Los Angeles Celebration Theater. On Broadway, Spirtas portrayed the roles of Mike Costa in "A Chorus Line" and Warren Sheffield in "Meet Me in St. Louis."

    Kevin Spirtas then joined the cast of Days of Our Lives as the resident bad boy doctor Craig Wesley, an ambitious and ruthless surgeon out to land the chief of staff position at University Hospital. DAYS first introduced Spirtas' character in the summer of 1997 during Mike and Carrie's "L.A. Adventure."

    Kevin appeared in the movie Striking Resemblance in 1997. He reveals a lot of skin in the flick.

    Kevin Spirtas is no stranger to the world of daytime drama. Before he landed the role of Craig on Days, Kevin briefly portrayed Les on "The Young and The Restless" Spirtas' feature film credits include "Friday the 13th, Part VII," "Green Plaid Shirt" and "Apt Pupil" (with Sir Ian McKellen and Brad Renfro). Spirtas also starred in Showtime's "Dark Love" and the television movie "A Match Made in Heaven" (opposite Olympia Dukakis).

    Spirtas currently is single and lives in Los Angeles. In his spare time, he enjoys jetskiing, snowboarding and a variety of outdoor sports.

    Fun Facts about Kevin:

    Height: 5 foot 11

    Eyes: Hazel

    Hair: Light brown

    Pets: Two cats. One named Capo, Italian for "leader", and his tabby-mix brother, Ame, French for "spirit".

    Family: Two brothers, one older (Joel), one younger (Eric) and parents Arnold and Sandra

    Recent fad I admit to trying myself: Spinning s

    Favorite Actor and Actress: John Malkovich, Holly Hunter

    Greatest Fear: If I settled for mediocrity

    Favorite TV Shows: Seinfield and ER

    Favorite Singers: Carly Simon and Billy Joel

    Film or theatrical role for the opposite sex I would most want to play: Meryl Streep's role in Silkwood

    If I could only keep one household appliance, it would be: My Krups coffeemaker

    Something You'd Be Surprised To Know About Me: Once a year I return to my alma mater, Horton Watkins High School in St. Louis, to host and perform in the annual Graduate Star concert, which raises mone for the vocal scholarship fund.

    Favorite Book: Tuesdays With Morrie, by Mitch Albom

    Favorite Food: Polenta with mushrooms at Tra Vigne in the Napa Valley

    Least Favorite Food: Brussel sprouts, unless fried

    Favorite comfort Food: Oatmeal raisin cookies

    Favorite Food, Prepared At Home: Blueberry toaster waffles

    Favorite Food, Restaurant Prepared: Sushi

    Favorite song: I Can Do That, from a Chorus Line

    Nobody Knows I Can: Sing

    Greatest Achievement: Landing the role of Craig

    If I Couldn't Be An Actor, I'd Be: Teach some form of arts.

    Cause I most believe in: Healing this planet

    If I Had One Wish: We could talk to animals, so I could tell my cats not to wake me up at 3 a.m.

    First thing I do when I wake up in the morning: Try to recall and journal my dreams

    Last thing I do before I go to bed: Reflect on the day and meditate

    Most Embarrassing Moment: Spilling beer on Elizabeth Taylor when I was a waiter at the California Pizza kitchen

    Best Quality: I'm a really nice guy. I have a big heart.

    Worst Quality: I'm a really nice guy. I have a big heart. Sometimes that leaves me open to being hurt. And sometimes, because I try to protect my heart, it can be a drawback.

    Biggest Regret: Giving up piano lessons after three weeks at age 12

    Something That Makes Me See Red: Seeing people litter; and secondhand smoke

    If I Could Live Anywhere, It'd Be: Florence, Italy

    Favorite Vacation Spot: Two Bunch Palms in Palm Desert, California, and Italy-- especially Florence and Rome. The history and art transport me back in time

    Celebrity I'm Often Mistaken For: I'm told I've got Bruce Willis' smirk

    Smartest Thing I Ever Did: Pursued acting and went to New York when I was 18

    Qualities I Most Like In A Mate: Heart and honesty

    My Hero: Christopher Reeve. I'm inspired by Christopher Reeve, so I'd say people who go through trauma with incredible courage and dignity.

    My Epitaph: He helped heal others by and through his work and healing himself.

    Pet Peeves: People who litter! I don't care if it's an apple core and they assume that because it's biodegradable, it's okay. It's the act itself that sends me over the top.

    Favorite Rainy-Day Activity: I have a great loft, and I can hear the rain falling above me, and it lulls me to sleep. Otherwise, reading or painting.

    Favorite Quote: "We are more like our friends than we are unalike," by Maya Angelou.

    Favorite Color: Green

    Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving, because it's a non-religious holiday celebrating gratitude.

    Favorite Sport: Jet skiing - at the moment

    Favorite Movie: Powder. I just thought it was magical. It dealt with our fullest potential and deals so much with heart.

    Best Personal Achievement: One would be following my heart by going to New York to pursue my dreams. Perhaps even better, my perseverance.

    Professional Goal: To keep working

    If Not Acting: I'd be involved in some other area of the arts, perhaps teaching performing or visual arts.

    Biggest Extravagance: Gas! I used to be so careful about money, I would put only what I needed in the gas tank. Now, I can fill it up!

    Most Prized Possession: My Danger Duck. It's a little stuffed duck that hangs from a rope. It's a memento of the Chorus Line road tour. I've had it 20 years.

    Most Unusual Job: I used to deliver singing telegrams with a toy monkey around my neck that clapped cymbals; I sang to the beat.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Kevin Blair Spirtas



    Birth Place:

    St. Louis, Missouri, USA

    Also Known As

    Kevin Blair, Kein Spirtas

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    • Patrika Darbo: (on “Days” co-star, Kevin) Kevin and I are great friends. He has this one-man show that he travels with and I’m going to see it in St Louis. He has already told his family that I’m sort of the daughter-in-law that’s coming to visit!