Kim Friedman

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  • Kim's husband bought an Infiniti. One day, she was forced to drive it and said it was really ugly.

  • Her daughter attends Harvard-Westlake, a prepatory high school.

  • Her family resides in Los Angeles County.

  • Her husband's last name is Siegel and her last name is Friedman, so she frequently goes by Friedman-Siegel.

  • Practices have taken place at Pulse Dance Studio, Pegasus School, Temple Bat Yam, Harbor Day School, Vanguard University, St. Michael's Church, Sun City Dance Studio, and several other locations.

  • Kim Friedman's musicals have been performed at Pegasus School, Harbor Day School, Temple Bat Yam, The Crossings Church, and Vanguard University.

  • Her husband's name is Michael.

  • Kim has a daughter named Kate.

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