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  • Kim Raver: (on her 24 character, Audrey Raines) Well, she had a gun and she shot off a couple rounds last year, but it wasn't like the way Chloe got to do it Rambo There are definitely a couple crazy scenes coming up. I don't know if they'd ever let her be Jack Bauer-esque. I think it'd be fun, I don't think it would necessarily be real. Everybody secretly wants to be Jack Bauer. But that's what Kiefer does so well.

  • Kim Raver: We don't have a real religious tradition, so Christmas for me and my family is a time to come together, a time to share.

  • Kim Raver: (on her 24 co-star, Carlos Bernard) Its tough when anyone leaves the show, but it was especially hard with Carlos. He was more than just another actor. Carlos was a presence on the set. He was very funny and sort of a group prankster. We had a party for him, but looking around I got the feeling nobody-not even the producers and writers who wrote him off wanted to see him go.

  • Kim Raver: (on her plans for work this summer) That's why I'm doing a comedy movie with Ben Stiller, Night at the Museum. It's a huge comedy. I loved it, working with Ben Stiller and Paul Rudd. Definitely keeping it light during the hiatus is a great, great combination.

  • Kim Raver: (on her thoughts on the 24 cast and crew) We do enjoy each other's company, cast and crew, and that's really important. And Carlos is definitely the prankster of the group. Kiefer plays chess and he's teaching me darts.

  • Kim Raver: (on her 24 character, Audrey Raines) I definitely feel like Audrey is very different from last year. Last year, she was very reactive, and this year is much more proactive. And she's not going to stand for things she thinks will hurt the country, for example, the relationship with Lynn. I think that comes from what happened to her last year and that will keep continuing throughout the season.

  • Kim Raver: (on her 24 character, Audrey Raines) I just don't look at the scripts that way. I look at it like, 'what's the journey for Audrey next?' Coming up are five episodes that just have been so unbelievably intense for my character. There's so much going on for her, I'm just so excited to be able to play that. I've also been able to do some stuff with Peter Weller, and he's just such a great actor.

  • Kim Raver: (on 24) You get the scripts and you read it and you're just thinking, 'That can't be!' I went to the producers and asked 'Is this true?!' Sure enough, it was. I know for some of the actors, if it's going to be for the greater good of the show, you're willing to go. That's not to say that you wouldn't miss it or be saddened by it. The people who've gone know that it's something that eventually would have to happen.

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  • Kim Raver gave birth to her second child, Leo Kipling Boyer, with husband Manuel Boyer on October 9, 2007 in New York City.

  • Kim studied acting in New York under Wynn Handman.

  • Kim's husband, Manuel Boyer, is a french filmmaker.

  • Kim's husband, Manuel Boyer, has dark hair and brown eyes.

  • Kim made an appearance in the feature film City Hall with Al Pacino.

  • Kim's first role in a Broadway production was in Holiday in which she co-starred with Laura Linney and Tony Goldwyn.

  • After leaving Sesame Street at aged 9, Kim joined Off-Broadway's first all children's theater.

  • Early in her career Kim did commercials for Visa and Jeep.

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