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  • Kristen: People always tell me, 'Don't work so much', but I can't help it. I feel like all the things I've done are important to get to this adult stage and now I'm getting all these adult offers, so it's working.

  • Kristen: When I'm an old lady, I'm going to have my pick of the young men. They'll be like, 'She's Miss Mary Jane!' The young boys will think I'm a hot old lady.

  • Kristen: When you spend your entire life as a child actress, being told where to go and where to stand, you're performing constantly for people. It definitely breeds the kind of person who's dependent on other people's approval.

  • Kristen: It's important to me that I don't get trapped in the whole teen scene, because I feel that you can get lost in those kind of movies, and they aren't really about the actors; they're about the selling of the concept, and how much money it makes.

  • Kristen: If you're successful at a young age, no matter the profession, there has to come a time when you reevaluate everything, what it means to you. 'Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?'

  • Kristen: I've been lucky to find people who want to work with me, whom I respect and like, but the truth is there aren't that many good projects out there. And we make way, way too many movies. So it's not always going to happen with every project. But I try and wait it out.

  • Kristen: I've always used my own personal emotions and things that I've gone through in my life to build a character. The work that I do before a film feels almost like therapy, between me and whoever I'm playing.

  • Kristen: I've always had a process that I do before I even get to set or go to the location. I work privately, and it almost feels like therapy between me and who I'm playing. So I have this inner life that's there and it gives me a confidence, too, that when I'm playing the role I know every question.

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  • In 2008 Kirsten successfully got a restraining order against a man after he tried to break into her property on numerous occasions.

  • Kirsten has appeared on the following lists: Maxim magazine 2002 - #2 "'Hot 100 of 2002'" Movieline 2002 - #1 "'Top 10 Most Original Actresses' " Australian Empire magazine 2002 - #2 "Sexiest Female Movie Star" AIM 2009 - #28 "50 Hottest Redheads"

  • Kirsten was replaced as the Miu Miu model by Vanessa Paradis, partner of Johnny Depp. Rumors exist that Kirsten's stint in Utah's Cirque Lodge rehabilitation clinic was the reason for their decision.

  • As of 2008, Kirsten resides in Los Angeles and remains single.

  • In the year 2007, Kirsten won the Female Star of the Year Award at the ShoWest.

  • In August 2007, Kirsten's penthouse suite she was staying in while shooting the film How to Lose Friends and Alienate People in New York was broken into. The thieves allegedly stole, among other things, a cell phone, ID cards, a $13,000 handbag and $2,500 in cash.

  • A pair of jeans that Kirtsten sold to charity were auctioned up to $1,000.

  • Kirsten is a natural blonde and has blue eyes.

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