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  • Kirstie Alley (on working with Harpo): I'm very open with what I've been through in my own personal life, and nothing -- I mean nothing -- is off-limits for me to talk about. Nothing shocks me. I'm a great listener. I'm a good comedian. And I won't lie -- I live a beautiful life.

  • Kirstie Alley: I feel very extroverted again. My attention can be on the person in front of me instead of wondering, "Oh my God, are they thinking I look like Fatty-Go-Lotty Goes to the Circus?" Life is easier on every level. You can go, "Oh, that's a pretty dress, I'll buy that." Also, I didn't know how physically impaired I was until I got thinner again. You move faster, and you walk up and down the stairs quicker. Now my daughter wants to wear my hip, cool clothes! It's very flattering. I don't advocate plastic surgery, though. I'm not saying I'm going to look like Gisele [Bundchen], but you're going to see a girl who has worked on herself.

  • Kirstie Alley: I don't think of myself as a role model for weight loss as much as a role model for tenacity.

  • Kirstie Alley: I didn't want sympathy for being fat, because God knows nobody was tying me down and shoving food in my face. Nobody else ruined me; I ruined me.

  • Kirstie Alley: I like men who love children and their wives. I don't like playboys. Those guys are a dime a dozen, and they are creepy, creepy creeps.

  • Kirstie Alley: (about her bikini-baring appearance on Oprah in November 2006) It turned out OK. I was happy with it. Oprah kept saying, "You look beautiful!" I was just glad I didn't look hideous.

  • Kirstie Alley: (about her kids) I tend to give 90 percent of compliments on something they've achieved. My daughter is beautiful and my son is handsome, but I try not to walk around saying "You're beautiful!" because that's not the most important thing in life.

  • Kirstie Alley: Nothing has ever come close to my experience of being a mother. I have an amazing relationship with my kids.

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  • Kirstie has said that she allows her children only 2 hours of television per day, no exceptions. She also does not give them any unmonitored computer time; the family computer is located in the kitchen, and Kirstie's son True, who has a MySpace page, is allowed only 15 minutes on it every day. Kirstie has indicated that she tries to keep her kids as mobile as possible. "On nice days, I just keep kicking them out of the house," she says.

  • Kirstie was chosen as one of People Magazine's annual 100 Most Beautiful People in the World, Beauty at Every Age section, for age 56, in May 2007.

  • Kirstie co-starred with the infamous Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in the 1995 film It Takes Two, when the girls were only 9 years old. When asked about Mary-Kate's recent battle with an eating disorder, Kirstie said that in her opinion, pressure related the acting business may have contributed to it. "They're in an adult world with adult jobs, and they're basically children," Kirstie said of the Olsen twins.

  • Kirstie has two children, True and Lillie, whom she and her husband Parker Stevenson adopted(they had a 14-year marriage, from 1983 to 1997). It is reported that Kirstie has an incredibly close relationship with her kids.

  • After shedding 75 pounds, Kirstie donned a bikini to show off her new figure on The Oprah Winfrey Show, fulfilling a promise she had made to the talk show host.

  • Kirstie joined the cast of Cheers at the start of the shows 6th season.

  • Kirstie has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

  • Kirstie's sister Collette is a biology teacher and her older brother Craig, works as a lumber-company manager.

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