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  • Kristin: (on leaving Smallville) I was very ready to move on. TV is difficult; an hour-long show, in a leading role especially...I don't know how Tom did it for 10 years, to be honest.

  • Kristin: (on her favorite comic book movies) Ok, so there's X-men, then there's the new Superman movie. Oh! You know what? It's, of course it is, it's the most recent Batman movie. I thought they did a really great job with that film and really explored some icky concepts of around the aspects of "evil" and how that happens. I thought that was really well done and I'm excited for the next one!

  • Kristin: (on Beauty and the Beast co-star Jay Ryan when he is in full make-up) Actually it's really uncomfortable to look at him when he's in full make-up because I can't see Jay. He disappears a little bit. I'm like "Where are you in there?"

  • Kristin: I was walking in a jungle in Costa Rica when a big ape charged me. He ran at me through the woods. I ran away screaming in the opposite direction.

  • Kristin: (About the weirdest thing she has done on Smallville): I became a vampire and had to wear fangs and do cheesy vampire moves. Then I got covered in fake blood and goo. That was uncomfortable.

  • Kristin: (On how she got involved with her role in "Eurotrip") Eurotrip was just a two-second part with Matt Damon. All I did was dance. I went out to Prague. I shot for two days, and I was there for eight or ten more, just putzing around the city and enjoying myself. Eurotrip was fun.

  • Kristin: I'm not very good at making casual conversation at a party, so taking an interaction and building on it is a skill I've started to build in a film environment. I was always too scared. I'd freak myself out and never go out at all.

  • Kristin: In high school, I was the biggest procrastinator in the world. I had good intentions, but they didn't always work out.

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  • Kristin takes Bollywood and jazz dance classes.

  • When Kristin buys an entire television series set on DVD, she attempts to watch the whole thing as fast as she can.

  • Kristin still loves children snacks such as gummy candy, string cheese, and goldfish.

  • Kristin says she is "addicted" to textiles, bangles and several different kinds of jewelry.

  • In December of 2011, Kristin threw out her neck trying to turn a sink faucet.

  • Kristin rarely wakes up in the middle of night. If she does, she says she either thinks, "What is that sound?" or "I have to go to the bathroom."

  • Kristin wishes she was better at being practical, and says her weakness is giving details with things.

  • Kristin says she wishes she had time to nurture all the relationships with others in her life.

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