Krystal Forscutt

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Season 2 Celebrity Contestant on It Takes Two


7/12/1986, Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia

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    Birth Name:

    Krystal Forscutt



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    Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia

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    • Krystal: (explaining how her role as a grid girl in the video game 'Need For Speed' came about) Basically, Zoo magazine had a competition that was running to win a date to play Need for Speed: Carbon and eat pizza, with me for the day, which was a lot of fun, and I met Jamie from the creative team at EA. A couple of months later he came back to me and said 'how would you feel about being a character in the new Need for Speed games?' It's an amazing opportunity. He said I had the modelling experience, but also the personality to do a promotional tour, which is important as well.

    • Krystal: (her plans after "It Takes Two") I’m still writing the column for Zoo and doing my modelling for Zoo and FHM but I’m always looking for something more. I’m very driven. I was actually doing a film and TV course before I went on the show so I might take it up again. It’s about preparation and if something comes along ill be ready. But I will say I’ve got a couple of exciting things to come out in the near future.

    • Krystal: (asked if she might record an album after Ross Wilson complimented her on her voice) I thought that was a very big compliment. Who knows? I’m not going to expect too much. If something happens it happens. I’ve got to take some time out and figure out what I really want. I feel like I’ve been caught up in this whirlwind in the last year and I need time to look inside myself and figure out what I want in life.

    • Krystal: (comparing "Big Brother" to live TV) I wasn’t aware with the cameras on Big Brother, but working on the stage I didn’t even know how to look at the camera properly! They try to tell you but I only just found out last night that the one with the red light is on! Thanks for that! A lot of the people on the show had years of experience of being on stage and with cameras. It’s a different world for me. I’m getting a bit better but I fidget a lot mumble and stutter! Once you relax you’re okay.

    • Krystal: (asked what she was working on in 2007) I write a column called Krystal’s Ultimate guide To Girls for Zoo magazine. [Laughs] I’m only 20, so I don’t know how reliable my advice is, but people seem to want to hear it.

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    • Krystal is ranked #22 in AIM's "100 Celebs Under 25".

    • Krystal is an official spokespeople for the magazine, Zoo Weekly.

    • Krystal commenced performing a regular role on the Bigpond Game Arena Ben and Richie Show in January 2008.

    • In 1997 Krystal appeared in the video game, Need For Speed: ProStreet, produced by the company, Electronic Arts. Krystal plays the part of a grid girl on the game.

    • In June 2006, Krystal appeared on the cover of Ralph magazine.

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