Kyle Howard

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Oliver on Your Family or Mine


4/13/1978, Loveland, Colorado

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  • Kyle grew up in the small town of Loveland Colorado where he attended Truscott Elementary. Kyle's first job was in a dinner theater in his home town that he worked when he was 13-14 years old. During the summer Kyle acted in many plays at the Rialto. He has appeared in "The Sound of Music," "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever," "The Unsinkable Molly Brown," "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory" and many more. In the fall, Kyle worked in the theater as a bus boy. He discovered his ambition to act during the time period of his first and second plays. He also worked for the Reporter Herald and ran a paper route to earn money so that he could buy a car to drive out to LA.

    Kyle guest-starred on the television series "Chicago Hope" on December 6, 1996. He then went on to star in his first feature film "House Arrest." He immediately followed with starring roles in three more upcoming features: "The Paper Brigade," "Address Unknown," and "Robo Warriors." Since then, Kyle has completed a leading role in the feature film "Skeletons."

    In 1998 Kyle acted in the "The Love Boat: The Next Wave", the TV remake of the 1976 tv show "The Love Boat." He has also starred in the series "Grosse Pointe", which was well-received by fans, but ultimately canceled in 2001 after one season. Up next for Kyle is a starring role in the TBS series "My Boys."moreless

    Birth Name:

    Kyle Alan Howard



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    Loveland, Colorado

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    • Kyle: I've done way too many pilots and way too many shows that have been canceled to have any kind of expectations anymore. So I just trained myself in a way to go onto new jobs and do the best that I can and then realize that after that, there's a certain amount of stuff that's just entirely out of my control, and I have to let things happen the way they're going to. With this one, I think there was a little bit of a different vibe because it was TBS, and when we started the show, it was just us and one other show that they have, which is called 10 Items or Less, and it was their first go at original programming. So I think maybe for all of us there was a little bit more of an expectation to at least be given a chance, because they didn't have anything waiting in the wings to take over if we failed like all of the other networks always do. And it's so easy for them to pull things when they're not doing well and replace them with something else, so I think we felt a little safer in that sense.

    • Kyle: (On returning for the second season on My Boys and whether he knows his character better) Yeah, I think I definitely do more so than our first time around. And the other nice thing about this year that I've noticed is that the writers know all of us better as individuals, and I sort of see more of our off-screen personalities sneaking their way into some of our scripts, which is fun. So it's the combination of them feeling who we are, as well as us getting a better grasp on our respective characters, all adds to that feeling of everybody really knowing who they are.

    • Kyle: (On being killed on an episode of CSI) Well, it was a little weird for sure! I've been doing this for 10 or 11 years; I had never died in anything before so I was really stoked about it. And it's funny because it is a little weird climbing up on that table -- it's really cold and sterile and it kind of weirdly puts you there. Of course there's a crew around and cameras, so it's not totally creepy, but it's a little creepy. I had crazy prosthetics of the autopsy surgery that they do. And there was this thing on my neck where they had opened it up to look at my Adam's apple and esophagus because I had been kicked in the throat. I was talking to one of the producers and he said, "You know, you should talk to your parents before it airs." He told me that a lot of people will come on the show and they won't tell their wife or mother what the whole episode story was about, and their parents will end up seeing it and freaking out because the makeup they do is really good.

    • Kyle: (On whether he hangs out in a bar a lot like his character on My Boys) It changes -- a few a years ago, my friends and I would be out four or five nights a week. It was ridiculous. (laughs) I feel kind of lame saying it -- I'm only 28 -- but I feel like I'm totally too old for that now. I feel hangovers more than I used to, and when I'm out partying all the time, I feel like a loser. Maybe I became more responsible in my late 20s. I want to be productive… want to wake up before one in the afternoon. I'd say more often than not, I'm at my house with my buddies -- or at a house where everybody comes over to play pool or poker.

    • Kyle: (On the best pick-up line he has ever heard) You know, there's a really genius one and I don't know if I saw it in a movie or read it in a script -- it's pretty straightforward, it's really ballsy. The guy goes up to a girl and says "I'll bet you a drink that I can kiss you without touching your lips." And the girl is like, "Whatever, of course you can't. I'll take that bet." Then guy kisses her and says, "Okay, you win." I would never have the balls to really do it. It's the perfect movie line.

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    • Kyle grew up in a family of die-hard Cubs fans, and even met Cubs players such as Mark Grace and Ryne Sandberg. Now his character on My Boys, Bobby Newman, is a baseball writer who covers the Cubs.

    • Kyle's movie credits include Orange County as Arlo, Baby Geniuses as Dickie, and House Arrest as Grover.

    • Kyle says that he is a terrible liar. Even though he's an actor, he says that he can't even act out a lie.

    • Kyle has said that people still come up to him telling how much they miss his show Grosse Pointe, even though it was only on for one year and went off the air in 2001.

    • If Kyle had to pick his own theme song, he would pick "Couches In Alleys" by DJ Styrofoam and Ben Gibbard.

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