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  • Lake: (on feminism and her movie In The World..., and how those two things are related) I don’t want to get on the soapbox about it, but I certainly wrote a film that depicted that in a comedic way, to ease the conversation into more of a discussion. I’m a woman, obviously. Feminist issues are interesting to me. I’m a lady and I feel it sometimes, and I’m in a world where there’s definitely an opportunity for me to express those conversations.

  • Lake: (on what attracted her to the movie Million Dollar Arm and her character relation with Jon Hamm's main character) The fact that she gives this man a proverbial kick in the gut and calls him out on his crap is refreshing. Usually, the woman is doting, on the sidelines and a pretty thing the man conquers. In this, the romantic connection is very much on her terms.

  • Lake: (on her movie, the Million Dollar Arm) I think that because this story is a true story, it adds another level of goosebumps that you get in the theatre. We met the actual baseball players that the story was based upon, and it was a joy. They’re very kind, nice, generous, spirited people. They competed in professional baseball with other people who had been doing it since they were five years old, and they had picked up a baseball for the first time when they were 17. That’s a remarkable physical feat, and a mental feat, to do that.

  • Lake: (on sports movies) The sports element is an umbrella to tell the story. What makes it great is that you’re latching onto the human experience that’s involved, and the interpersonal relationships and the journey that has to be made.

  • Lake: (on her baseball preferred team) I have to be a Yankee fan, just given my family structure. I would get into trouble with a lot of family members if I said otherwise. But I don’t know the players like I should. I’m not into live sports, but I’m a huge fan of sports films.

  • Lake: (on throwing like a girl) I try not to. I hate to think that I would, but I am a girl. And it’s not a bad thing if I do throw like a girl. Some girls are very badass.

  • Lake: (on her being athelic) I do have a background of being athletic, but in my adult life I have rare times to express it. It’s a muscle that can atrophy.

  • Lake: (on Ben Affleck) I look up to Affleck. He’s talented and accomplished, and sometimes he takes his shirt off. Listen, I feel very powerful in those photos. It’s actually kind of fun to be described in those terms and then be able to express that kind of visual.

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  • Lake was ranked #32 in Maxim's Hot 100 Women 2008.

  • Lake has a brother named Luke.

  • Lake became close friends with her stunt double on the set of the tv series Surface.

  • She loves to study foreign languages and dialects.

  • She admitted that she was afraid of the ocean in an interview even though she is a oceanographer on the tv show Surface.

  • She loves to travel all around the world when she isn't working.

  • Her London theatre credits include The Seagull, Six Degrees of Separation, The Children’s Hour and The Pentecost.

  • She received certification from the British Academy of Dramatic Combat.

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