Lance Reddick

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  • Lance Reddick: (On a possible movie of the television show, The Wire) As far as a movie goes, my understanding from part of an interview that Dominic West did recently, is that David's take on it is that he'd probably be inclined to do a prequel, if anything at all.

  • Lance Reddick: (About not watching Lost until after he was cast as Matthew Abaddon on the show) I was cast and I went back and did homework. I got the first two seasons and watched them on DVD and then, of course, I got hooked.

Trivia (22)

  • Lance first acted in his English class in the tenth grade.

  • He was cast with Seth Gilliam on both Oz and The Wire who played a character that directly interacted with Reddick's characters on both shows.

  • In early 2008, Lance filmed the pilot for the FOX show Fringe in Canada.

  • Lance was originally considered for the role of "Mr. Eko" on Lost, but it conflicted with filming of The Wire.

  • Lance has two children - a daughter and a son.

  • Lance considers himself an actor/songwriter.

  • Lance likes to read and watch movies to unwind after a long day.

  • Lance had never seen the HBO show Oz before auditioning for the show as John Basil.

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