Larry Drake

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  • Larry Drake: People were always coming up to me and treating me like I was slow. I would have to tell them 'I'm not really retarded, the character I play on TV is retarded.' It was actually pretty flattering because it showed that these people thought my acting was really that convincing.

Trivia (24)

  • While starring in LA LAw, Larry appeared in NBC's public service announcement The More You Know. His topic was self esteem.

  • In addition to acting, Larry has a passion for classic cinema, and also enjoys big band music and reading.

  • Larry is approximately 6'3" tall.

  • In 1981, Larry made his first TV-movie, Dark Night of the Scarecrow for CBS.

  • In 1980, Larry moved to Los Angeles to join Old Globe Theatre Company.

  • In 1976, Larry appeared in regional theater in Dallas, TX.

  • Before becoming a professional actor, Larry worked as a car inspector, and loaded trucks for a living.

  • Larry had originally studied to become a teacher.

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