Laura Bertram

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Star on Toxic Skies


9/5/1978, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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  • She was brought into the world of acting due to her performance in various operas. She sung in the Canadian Children's Opera Chorus which started her operas. She spent nine years training to be a ballerina. She has two younger sisters, Heather and Jennifer, who are also actresses. She attended Queen's University located in Kingston, Ontario for one year before transferring to a university closer to her home in Toronto.

    Birth Name:

    Laura Maureen Bertram



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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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    • Laura: The only current TV show I would like to star in would be That 70's Show. Former TV show to guest star in would be Solid Gold - no, just kidding. I think I would have loved to have been a member of the A-team, but they were all cartoon, so I am definitely on the outs. I really have no idea which one it would be.

    • Laura: I saw my tattoo the wall of a tattoo parlor in Toronto when I was seventeen, thought it was still cool a year later, and put it on my shoulder. No deep meanings, no symbolism - just impulsive behavior.

    • Laura: Kevin Sorbo is such a treat to work with, not to mention that he is totally awesome as a friend and as a professional. Down to earth, humourous, generous, and someone I love to hang out with off-set as well. That is the clincher for asking an actor whether or not they truly like another actor... would they hang out with them off-set? His wife, Sam, and their baby, Braeden, are equally wonderful, and I am privileged to be able to call them my friends.

    • Laura: I would like to believe that I have surmounted the difficult part, and that really involved make-ups are no longer a stress. That's not to say that some days aren't better than others... but I would not turn down another role with involved make-up, provided it was deemed safe and not in any way harmful to my skin. Getting to do roles that require me to be involved in a long make-up process provides me with the starting ground in the transformation into a character. Once the physical change has taken place, it is much easier to act differently. The hard part is done, and all it takes is for the actor to breathe some life into that character. Also, it makes those human make-ups so enjoyable to prepare for - only one hour! Yipee!

    • Laura: With the purple Trance character, it wasn't all that hard once I knew where the scripts were going. I just acted like a child in many ways... trying to find the funnest way to do things. It became a challenge to me to find what was the funnest (which sometimes became the funniest) way to do things in a scene. I usually fed off of the energy of the other actors... and when I did scenes with an antithetical character to Trance, like Tyr, I just found that the best way to get into it was to see what I could do to break his serious front and make him laugh. It worked sometimes. The new Trance is a little more tough, and she doesn't waver like little purple Trance, so what I do with her is more psychological. I stand still more (to give the impression of certainty and stability), I look at people square in the eyes when I am talking to them. I have also attempted to lower the register of my voice - that was not so easy to keep up.

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    • Laura was very happy to receive a role on a Gene Roddenberry show, she was a big fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    • Laura likes the fact that being Trance allows her to maintain a normal life outside of her acting career without getting recognized daily.

    • If Laura wasn't an actress she would've pursued a career in teaching.

    • Laura's eyes are hazel.

    • Laura would like to work with Judy Dench, John Cusack, Parker Posey, and Ian Holm in the future.

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