Lee J. Cobb

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Trivia (21)

  • Cobb is buried in Mount Sinai Memorial Park in Los Angeles.

  • Cobb was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor twice: once in 1958 for 12 Angry Men and again in 1964 for Come Blow Your Horn.

  • Cobb was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor twice: once for On the Waterfront in 1955 and a second time for Brothers Karamazov in 1959.

  • Cobb's daughter, Julie, is married to actor James Cromwell.

  • Cobb's final Broadway appearance was in the 1968 production of King Lear.

  • William Link and Richard Levinson wanted Cobb to appear in their play Prescription: Murder as a character named Lt. Columbo. He was unavailable so the role went to Thomas Mitchell instead.

  • Cobb played Joanne Woodward's psychiatrist in The Three Faces of Eve.

  • One of Cobb's nastiest screen roles was that of outlaw Doc Tobin in Man of the West.

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