Lee Pace

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Thranduil on The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies


3/25/1979, Chickasha, Oklahoma, USA

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  • Born in Oklahoma, Lee's early years were spent living in the Middle East. Eventually, his family moved to New Orleans, back in the United States, and later to Houston, Texas. Lee went high school in Houston, where he first began acting. He became so involved with his acting that he dropped out of school to perform at the local Alley Theatre. In 1997, upon finishing his final high school courses, Lee was accepted to The Juilliard School's Drama Division. During his time at Juilliard, Lee honed his acting skills, performing in classic roles such as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, the title role in King Richard II, and Cassius in Julius Caesar, among others. After graduating from Juilliard with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree, Lee starred in the off-Broadway play The Credeaux Canvas, which received critical acclaim, as well as being part of the Vineyard production of The Fourth Sister. In 2003, Lee Pace starred in the made-for-TV movie Soldier's Girl, a Sundance hit. The film was based on the true story of a transgendered nightclub performer in love with a soldier who is brutally murdered for their relationship. His performance earned him nominations for both the Golden Globe and the Independent Spirit Award. He won a Gotham Award for Outstanding Breakthrough Performance. Lee also starred in a limited engagement of the off-Broadway production Small Tragedy in the spring of 2004, and was nominated for a Lucille Lortel Award in the category of Outstanding Actor. He earned his second Lucille Lortel Award nomination in the same category for his performance in Guardians. On the small screen, Lee had a starring role in Wonderfalls, a quirky dramedy that was very short-lived, much to the disappointment of its loyal, albeit small, fan base. As of 2007, Lee is once again working with Bryan Fuller on a quirky dramedy, Pushing Daises.moreless

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    Lee Grinner Pace



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    Chickasha, Oklahoma, USA

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    • Lee: (On his Pushing Daisies character Ned) In the first episode he brings his childhood sweetheart Chuck back to life, but it's so frustrating because all he wants to do is kiss her. It would be sensible for Chuck to move as far away from Ned as possible because every minute she's with him is potential death, but they choose to be together because they're soulmates. Pushing Daisies is all about feeling life for the first time. Just as Chuck is brought to life, Ned is also brought to life because he'd lived in his quiet world with his pies and his dog Digby. But now he gets to go on these great adventures and to feel love for the first time.

    • Lee: (On Pushing Daisies) Yes, this show is very much about secrets and people who can't connect with each other. Ned can't touch anyone, Olive can't connect with the man she loves, and the aunts can't get out of their house. It's about people who can't connect and have lots and lots of secrets, and in the second season, we really start digging up those secrets.

    • Lee: (On his show Pushing Daisies) That's one thing I really love about doing this show, is that that we've got great, loyal fans -- people who watch all the episodes, who've been very supportive. It's been really nice. It's been a tricky year with the writers' strike and everything. I love working on this show, I like everyone I work with.

    • Lee: (Pushing Daisies not getting nominated for Best Comedy) You know, the thing is we've got 12 nominations, and that's really, really impressive for a show that was only on for nine episodes. So I'm grateful for that. You can't bellyache about the fact that one nomination [is missing] when you get 12.

    • Lee: (On getting nominated for an Emmy in 2008) Oh, it's nice! It was a nice surprise. I truly wasn't expecting it. My dog woke me up, because he wakes me up every morning to go on a hike. And then I looked at my messages and saw I had about 20, 30 messages. I remembered that it was Emmy nominations and figured I'd been nominated.

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    • Lee used to be a Boy Scout when he was a kid and he now collects Boy Scout collectible camping cups.

    • Lee's favorite actor is Daniel Day-Lewis. Lee used to go to the same coffee shop as Daniel in New York City just so he could see him.

    • For his role as a transsexual in Soldier's Girl, Lee lost 25 pounds.

    • In the movie The Fall, Lee played Roy, a paralyzed Hollywood stuntsman. On the set Lee acted like he was paralyzed in real life. No one except the director, Tarsem Singh, knew the truth.

    • In 2008 Lee got to attend the Monte Carlo Film Festival in Monaco.

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