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  • Len Cariou: (describing his childhood exposure to music) My mother - the Irish side of the family - was very musical. My mother was a singer; there was music around the house all the time. I was a boy soprano. I had a natural kind of voice and then trained it after my voice changed. My mother was pretty instrumental in that. And I took piano. So there was music around me all the time.

  • Len Cariou: (describing his performance as Ben in Stephen Sondheim's "Follies") All you have to do is look at the lyrics. This is the most gorgeous score the man ever wrote. It borders on genius, like everything else he's done.

  • Len Cariou: I like to keep busy. There here are a few people, not many, who do all this [type of work]. So it's a rare breed, if you will.

  • Len Cariou: (on working with Angela Lansbury in "Sweeney Todd") We kept one another on our collective toes. We kind of made a pact. I think the thing that both Angela and I were most proud of was that we managed to never let this thing get away from us - a very fine line, because you could easily go into farce there. So we prided ourselves on being there and really listening and working, really paying attention.

Trivia (18)

  • Len Cariou appeared on Broadway in The Dinner Party, appearing with Henry Winkler and John Ritter.

  • Len Cariou appeared in Proof on Broadway, appearing with Anne Heche.

  • Len Cariou appeared on two episodes of Law & Order with Jerry Orbach. Both Cariou and Orbach had recurring roles on Murder, She Wrote as well as backgrounds in Broadway.

  • After studying at the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre in his youth, Len Cariou was named its artistic director in 1972.

  • Len Cariou received his training at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival and the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre.

  • Before he started acting, Len Cariou worked as a sales clerk, handling a wide variety of goods including mens' clothing and farm equipment.

  • In 2004, Len Cariou was elected to the American Theatre Hall of Fame.

  • From 1992 to 1997, Len Cariou was the narrator of Major League Baseball's World Series films.

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