Leslie David Baker

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Stanley Hudson on The Office


2/19/1958, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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  • Prior to being known as Stanley Hudson, the hardworking but disgruntled Dunder Mifflin employee in The Office, Baker can be seen as the Rubberband Man in OfficeMax's series of advertisements. He also had minor roles in Malcolm in the Middle and That '70s Show. Leslie David Baker is an American film and television actor who came from a different field altogether before deciding on becoming a full-time actor. He was once involved in public service, education, and health care. He was born in Chicago, Illinois on February 19, 1958.

    Birth Name:

    Leslie David Baker



    Birth Place:

    Chicago, Illinois, USA

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    • Leslie: (on the pilot of The Office) You know what happens with pilots. You shoot them and they go to the land of pilot world and you never hear from them again. So we do the pilot. The morning we were shooting, Kevin Riley, who was with NBC at the time, and everybody was there, and the suits were all sitting around in chairs and, you know, all right, okay. We sat down and we started to read the script. At that moment I was like, I see it. I feel it. And I think even the suits at NBC were impressed by the collection of people we have here.

    • Leslie: (on moving to L.A) It just felt right. I had been to L.A. once before, looked around and taken an acting course at this place called TVI. I signed up for it like a year before and they would bring in casting directors and agents where you meet and you had to do your monologues in front of them and if they liked it then they would want to represent you. So I happened to meet an agent and he was on me to move out here. When I made the move, I didn't even tell him I was coming. I got here, got settled in my apartment and then I called him one day and I said, "You probably don't remember me, but"-- He said, "Leslie I know who you are. I remember you. When are you moving?" I said "I'm actually here." He saw me the next day and I got the first part he sent me out on.

    • Leslie: (on the bobbleheads) Actually, a couple of weeks after we went on strike, I got an email from NBC with the prototype of my bobble head. They wanted me to add some comments about what needed to be done with it, and I need to tell them to make the adjustment on the eyes, because you know, as Steve says, Stanley has baleful eyes. And the eyes weren't looking baleful enough, you know. They were looking more sad than disgusted. And the clothes needed to be done a little bit, because you know, Stanley does dress. They had him looking kind of homeless. So I told them to bump these clothes up a little notch.

    • Leslie: (on the internet) Our computers on our desks are connected to the Internet. So we have five computers on the set that are just like the ones in your office or at home. So we can sit there at our desks and surf the net and check our email and do all the stuff that you would do at your own office. We have been known to correspond with one another or our families or friends while we're sitting and filming. I found my house on the Internet while I was sitting at work. Stanley was looking for Leslie's house and Stanley found Leslie a house in L.A from Scranton.

    • Leslie: (on how he got cast as Stanley) I got a call to audition for something called The Office. It was very crowded for the callback, and I had another audition scheduled, so I went to the other audition. On the way back, I ran into a whole bunch of traffic … And by then I was kind of sweaty, my clothes were rumpled, and I was cranky. And the character was written the way I was feeling that day, and I just let 'er rip. Two weeks later I got a call: "You got the pilot." And, voilà, here I am.

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    • Leslie attended the Dan in Real Life premiere to support his the Office co-star who was in the movie, Steve Carrell.

    • Leslie was one of the The Office castmembers to attend the Office convention held in Scranton, Pennsylvania in October 2007.

    • Leslie has said he worked in the health care industry to have a stable job while he also did acting on the side. Once he landed a role on The Office, he decided to act full-time.

    • Leslie appeared at the 2008 TV Land Awards to help the cast of The Office accept the Future Classic Award.

    • Leslie appeared as a guest judge on Last Comic Standing with some of his fellow Office costars like Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nunez, Kate Flannery and Brian Baumgartner.

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