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  • Linda Park: (during an interview) Thank god, you haven't just asked me about Enterprise!

  • Linda Park: (Speaking of her role on Star Trek: Enterprise) I want Hoshi to become an ass kicking space fighter.

  • Linda Park: (Speaking of Star Trek: Enterprise) We all have such a great relationship and that's difficult to leave with the feeling of such camaraderie.

  • Linda Park: Dancing has always been my second love.

  • Linda Park: I feel that the three years that I’ve been on Star Trek have marked a really important part of my life as a human being, because I was leaving the nest in a lot of ways.

Trivia (31)

  • Linda has appeared in the following magazines:
    Yolk (2001)
    Star Log (June 2002)
    DW (Nov 2002)
    Star Trek Communicator #140

  • Linda has appeared on the covers of the following magazines:
    Asian Week (Nov 2001)
    The Improper Bostonian (Dec 2001)
    Steppin' Out (May 2002)
    TV Guide (Aug 2002)
    Yolk (2002)

  • At one time, she was dating Trek veteran Tom Hardy, who played Shinzon in "Star Trek: Nemesis". They lived together in South London, England, and were even going to form their own theatre company. However, they appear to have broken off their relationship.

  • She earned high praise for her performance as Clytemnestra in a production of the play "Agamemnon"

  • Park's other credits include the little-known films "Geldersma" (2004) and "Honor" (2005). She also made a brief appearance in the 2002 made-for-TV movie "Taken" (not to be confused with the mini-series of the same name.)

  • In 2004, while "Star Trek: Enterprise" was still in production, Park took time off from playing Hoshi to co-star with "Star Trek: Next Generation" actress Marina Sirtis and " Enterprise" guest actor Tucker Smallwood in the science fiction thriller "Spectres". She would go on to co-star with Sirtis in the "Star Trek: Enterprise" series finale episode, "These Are the Voyages...", in which Sirtis played her familiar role of Deanna Troi.

  • At the first reading for the role of Hoshi on "Star Trek: Enterprise", Linda faced many Asian actresses who also wanted the role, but Linda was called back to read again. The producers then decided to hold a screen test and eventually gave her the part. She went on to play the role throughout all four seasons, from 2001 until its cancellation in 2005.

  • She made a guest appearance on the television series "Popular" at the same time her future "Star Trek: Enterprise" castmate Anthony Montgomery was working on the show, and the two appeared in the same episode.

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