Lisa Chappell

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10/18/1968, Auckland, New Zealand

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  • Lisa grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. She played a role in the New Zealand tv show Gloss. She would later make frequent guest starring appearances in the US tv show Hercules, the Legendary Journeys, which brought her some familiarity in America. After that, she decided to move to Sydney since she felt that would bring her more oportunities as an actress. Once there, she completed "The Journey" program from The Actors Center in Sydney, where she received an Advanced Diploma in Acting, and soon after she won the role of Claire McLeod in the famous TV series McLeod's Daughters. After three years with the show she decided she wanted to do something else, and turned to music. She was written out of the series. She now plays a guest role in "Stingers" In 2001, Lisa met Chris Taylor, the man she would go onto marry the same year. They have since divorced. Lisa disappeared out of the spotlight for years until she released an album called When Then Is Now, which is available for purchase through the internet only. She admits the pain of her divorce from Chris Taylor inspired most of the songs.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Lisa Irene Chappell



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    Auckland, New Zealand

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    • Lisa: Perfectionism kills creativity and it certainly killed my singing for many years. It wasn't until I started listening to people like Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart and realized that it's okay to be imperfect that I started singing the songs I was writing.

    • Lisa: I have a Dictaphone and I'll sing into it or I'll pick up a guitar if there's one around. If I'm filming and people are looking for me, they just ask everyone to quiet down for a second and then say, 'Oh there she is. I can hear her singing.'

    • Lisa: (comparing her role as Megan on "Stingers" with her part on "McCleod's Daughters") That was the exciting part of the role, that's the reason I the role on, because she was so different, it was like the flipside to Claire. Megan has quite a few skeletons in her closet. Claire trod the high moral ground and Megan is a lot shadier than that, a lot more complex.

    • Lisa: (on her album "When Then Is Now") The album reflects the last few years of my life, and there was heartbreak. Someone said to me that it had a lot of longing and yearning in it, and I said, 'well, it's not surprising.'

    • Lisa: (on her new album "When Then Is Now") I felt compelled to make this album. I wrote a lot of music when I was younger, but not so much in my twenties. By the end of my first year on McLeod's [Daughters] I started writing again and the songs just kept pouring out of me.

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    • In 2010, Lisa won for "Best Actress in a Supporting Role in General Television" at the Qantas Film & Television Awards for her role on the series The Cult.

    • In 2008, Lisa was the Presenter for an Auckland Tourism Video.

    • In 2007, Lisa served as the MC/Host of the AUT Universtiy Scholarship Awards.

    • Lisa's theatre credit include:
      (2013) Bad Jelly the Witch "Bad Jelly", ATC, dir. Simon Coleman
      (2012) Much Ado About Nothing "Beatrice", Court Theatre
      (2012) The Motor Camp "Jude", Auckland Theatre Company, Dir Roy Ward
      (2011) Mike & Virginia "Virginia", M & V Productions, Ltd
      (2011) The Wizard of Oz "Aunt Em/Glinda the Good Witch of the North", Peach Theatre Company, Dir Jesse Peach
      (2010) The Importance Of Being Earnest "Gwendolen Fairfax", Auckland Theatre Company Limited, Dir Colin McColl
      (2009) The Thirty-Nine Steps "Various", Auckland Theatre Company, Dir Ross Gumbley
      (2008) Design for Living, "Gilda", ATC, Dir Roy Ward
      (2007) Educating Rita "Rita", HIT Productions, Dir Jennifer Hagan
      (2007) The Homecoming "Ruth" Potent Pause, Dir Paul Gittens
      (2005) A. R. Gurney's Love Letters "Melissa Gardner" Dir Paul Gittins
      (2000) Hamlet "Hamlet" Journey 2000, Dir Dean Carey
      (1998) All My Sons "Ann Deaver" Auckland Theatre Company, Dir David Berthold
      (1997) The Herbal Bed "Suzannah Hall" The Court Theatre, Christchurch, Dir Elrick Hooper
      (1995) The Lover "Wife" Pumphouse Theatre, Dir David Coddington
      (1994) Girl Talk "Woman" Rose Theatre, Dir Lisa Chappell
      (1993) Up the Garden Path "Woman" Rose Theatre, Dir Lisa Chappell
      (1992) The Sneeze Independent Theatre Co, Dir Tim Bray
      (1992) The Nice Show Independent Theatre Co, Dir Tim Bray
      (1992) Chicago "Velma" Auckland Operatic, Dir Robert Price
      (1991) The Merchant of Venice "Portia" Pumphouse Theatre, Dir Paul Wright

    • Lisa, who appeared in several episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, first met series star Michael Hurst when he was teaching acting classes and she became one of his students.

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