Lisa Whelchel

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  • Lisa: I think the greatest benefit to having a big family, especially a family with five or more children, is that it's harder to be selfish. In today's prosperous world, it's hard to teach our children sacrifice.

Trivia (34)

  • Lisa sings in her own family band. Son Tucker plays the guitar, Haven plays the drums, Clancy plays bass guitar, and Steve plays the piano.

  • Lisa's idea of a perfect evening is one spent with family, ordering a pizza so she doesn't have to cook, and playing a game together.

  • Lisa puts out a weekly spiritual journal on the internet called Coffee Talk, where she communicates to readers the lessons that the Lord has given her that week.

  • Lisa played the part of Sara Coleman in Where The Red Fern Grows: Pt II in 1992.

  • Lisa was nominated for the 'Young Artist Award' for her role on Facts Of Life from 1982 through 1984.

  • Lisa appeared in the 1997 infommercial for the 'Spacemaker Gold' exerciser.

  • Lisa auditioned for the female lead opposite John Schneider in the Aaron Spelling television series Heaven Help Us, but was unsuccesful.

  • Lisa is the founder of two groups with a goal to refresh and equip other mothers, Mom Time Ministries and Mom Time Get-A-Ways. They are held at Lisa's home every week.

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