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  • Louise: (On why The Doctor in "Doctor Who" cannot be a man of a certain age like in the past) There's basically a blanket ban on anyone over the age of 35 playing The Doctor. It's to allow the show to connect to its younger audience.

  • Louise: (On loosing her "good girl" image when she became pregnant with her first child) When you have two kids out of wedlock, you stop being a good girl, don't you? It was difficult for my parents to take. I got pregnant with Harry, who is mixed-race, at the time of the Brixton riots. It was a slightly rocky time in London.

  • Louise: (On meeting David Tennant) I met him years ago when my niece was a stage manager in Scotland, in some Theatre In Education tour. When he found out that Abigail was Leela, he was - it was quite flattering - he was 'Please introduce me! I really would like to meet her'. There was a big thing about David meeting Leela. You know he started off as a Doctor Who fan, and he's the perfect Doctor. I'm told he has this wish-list, to get us all back one-by-one, so...I'm holding my breath!

  • Louise: (On what she would have done differently if she had known that she would go back later in her career to the role of Leela) I'd have gone back into it when John Nathan Turner asked me to oversee the overlap between Tom leaving and Peter arriving. I said I would do the two stories, but he said I'd have to commit for the next season. At the time I'd been offered a whole load of Shakespeare and I opted for that instead. But I think with the wisdom of hindsight I'd have gone back in for the whole season.

  • Louise: (Answering if she ever trades anecdotes about Tom Baker with Lalla Ward with whom she's worked on audio CDs for Big Finish) When asked, Lalla always says 'he's the sweetest man I've been divorced from', which is just brilliant!

  • Louise: (On stand-up work) Stand-up has gone a bit on the back-burner, to be honest. I did a course, a gig, rather successfully and then wrote some more stuff, but just lost a bit of confidence in it. But at the moment I'm working with a writer called Helen Goldwyn, and we're to-ing and fro-ing, and I hope once that River City is finished - which is what I'm recording at the minute- I'll have a 30-40 minute show to put on.

  • Louise: (On reprising the role of Leela for the new series) I'd go back, yeah. I wish they would ask. I really would love to go back... but I'm glad that I had a hand in the foundations, as it were.

  • Louise: (On whether or not her outfit as Leela was exploitative) In retrospect I suppose it was, but I wasn't expecting it. Now it might be very different. I was going into a big show and it was a shock - all this male attention afterwards. Like it or loathe it, it really gave my career a boost.

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  • Louise Jameson's professional work today is teaching drama. She also does charity work.

  • In October 2008, Louise gave the proceed of a performance of Love Letters who also starred Colin Baker to the Trinity Theatre. The venue is threatened by the drastic cut in funding from the Arts Council. The performance was preceded by a workshop given by Tom Baker.

  • As of 2008, a doll of Louise's character from Doctor Who Leela fetches around 450 pounds. The toy wasn't popular with little boys when it first came out in 1970s because it was seen as too girly.

  • Louise contributed a Doodle to the National Doodle Campaign (2008), which auctions off celebrity doodles for charity (The Neurofibromatosis Association).

  • June 2008, the opening night of Hamlet in which Louise was playing Gertrude at the Stafford Festival had to be stopped at the interval because of stormy weather. The Festival management was fearing for the safety of the actors and the audience.

  • Louise has started a Sunday drama college for teenagers.

  • Louise is a fan of the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Louise recommends it on her site.

  • In December 2007, Louise's performed several dates as a Stand Up comic in Manchester.

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