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  • (while discussing the "How do I get into voice acting" question at an interview at Otakon 2004) Luci: a large portion of it is just like anything in acting. It's being lucky. I didn't know about anime. Crispin Freeman told me about it, and I was like ani-what? I don't think any of us searched it out. It was something that we all kind of fell into. The doors open and you just walk through them.

  • (When asked at Otakon 2004 about her favorite dub character.) Luci: My favorite is Ran in Super Gals. She's my alter ego; I just love her. It's like therapy without paying.

Trivia (26)

  • In her interview on the Pani Poni Dash DVD, Luci said her favorite subject in high school was English.

  • In November 2007, Luci announced her engagement to Michael on her myspace page. Luci posted a photo from her wedding in May 2008.

  • For the American Anime Awards 2007, Luci Christian was nominated for Best Actress for Princess Tutu, and Best Actress in a Comedy for her work in Desert Punk, Negima, and Nerima Daikon Brothers.

  • According to her actor commentary on D.N. Angel DVD Volume 2, Luci says she has a "snarky laugh" whenever she does these commentaries.

  • When asked about whether any of her family members watch her in action, Luci replied that her grandmother will occasionally scan Adult Swim to listen for Luci’s voice acting.

  • The featurette on the Princess Tutu DVD Volume 1 has video footage of Luci in action as she does lines for her main character Duck.

  • When she voiced the lead character in Princess Tutu, Luci brought her ballet shoes to work. Before then she did some ballet in graduate school.

  • Luci's favorite animes, besides Full Metal Panic and Fullmetal Alchemist, include ones where she had a little more creative control, such as Super Gals! and Princess Tutu.

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