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  • Luciana: I became an actress because when I perform great material is when I feel the most alive.

  • Luciana: When I was a kid I was terrified of going down into my basement because I thought the devil was down there. When I did go downstairs I would run AS FAST as I could back upstairs cuz I thought the devil would grab my legs and pull me back down.

  • Luciana: When I was a baby I would scare the living day lights out of my parents because I would hold my breath to the point of almost passing out.

  • Luciana: (on the death of her character in "Battlestar Galactica") It was devastating. And I always say that because it really was, I was really devastated. Because I didn't see it coming... and nobody warned me about it. I had to say goodbye to Kat real quick. It was sad.

  • Luciana: I dress according to my mood. Sometimes you'll see me all BGirled out with a baseball cap, baggy track pants and some Air Force 1's and other times you might catch me wearing really tight jeans and stilletos. Like I said it really depends on my mood that day.

  • Luciana: (from the "Battlestar" Cast & Crew Yearbook, Summer 2008) Battlestar Galactica for me has been the most exciting ride of my life. All of which could not have been possible without the stellar cast, crew, writers, directors and producers. You will always hold a special place in my memories and in my heart. I will forever cherish and always look back at my time on Galactica with pride, honor and great appreciation. Thank you for the experience of working with 'The Greatest'. I love you all.

  • Luciana: (on playing a Viper pilot on "Battlestar Galactica") It was all greenscreen when we were flying, and it was challenging, but once I was there it was like I was in a video game. I felt like I was really flying the Viper and I was sweating and everything.

  • Luciana: I love my life! I never know what's next... I just have faith that everything will turn out in my favor and somehow it always does!

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  • Prior to working on Battlestar Galactica, Luciana already knew some of the cast members (Grace Park, Aaron Douglas, Nicki Clyne, Kandyse McClure) just from the acting scene in Vancouver.

  • When she is not busy working, Luciana enjoys painting, hiking, shopping, baking cookies, and working out in the gym.

  • Luciana has two dogs, Alazar and Tiamo, as well as two cats, Monami and Fly.

  • Luciana has collected nearly 300 Barbies, which are all stored in their boxes and are in mint condition. Her favorite is Lucy Barbie.

  • When she was still in high school, Luciana thought of attending beauty school and becoming a hair stylist.

  • If she weren't an actress, Luciana would have wanted to be a veterinarian. She loves animals and dreams of putting up a really good shelter for mistreated and homeless animals.

  • Both of Luciana's parents are Italian. The last time she has been to Italy was when she was 12 years old. (January 2007)

  • She considers Gerry Campbell, her high school drama teacher and father of actress Neve Campbell, as one of her greatest inspirations.

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