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  • Lucy Lawless: (on performing "The Vagina Monologues") [While] I never felt disadvantaged by having a vagina...I never realised it was a privilege.

  • Lucy Lawless: (on guest starring on "The X-Files") They had to keep reining me back during my episodes, because I was going, 'Where's the blood? Who do you want me to kick first?'

  • Lucy Lawless: I once bungee jumped out of a helicopter. It was an 800 foot fall, and I wasn`t that impressed. You`re so high above the ground that you don`t get the sense of imminent death like you do when you are jumping off, say, a bridge.

  • Lucy Lawless: (on the final episode of Xena) I don't know why people expected us to walk off into the sunset. It was the strong choice, the bold choice, the risky choice, and I know some people don't like it, but the characters come full circle. She lived by the sword, and by golly she died by the sword!

  • Lucy Lawless: (on guest starring on "Less Than Perfect") They asked me to do a Kiwi accent. I was just, 'Oh! Why would I want to do that? I'm not really acting when I do that.' Then I thought, 'Hell, give it a shot!' It might not seem like a stretch to people for me to do comedy with a Kiwi accent, but it is, actually. I haven't done that for many years.

  • Lucy Lawless: Some people don't think sitcoms or comedy are important, but I think it's very important. Actors want to do drama because that gets because that gets all the respect, but I think human beings just need a good laugh and they need to feel like they have friends on television.

  • Lucy: I bet not even Cher has fans of this caliber!

  • Lucy: (Lucy on singing on stage) Live performance is always a gamble and you just have to flow with whatever happens.

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