Luke Mably

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British Dr. Simon Hill on Combat Hospital


3/1/1976, London, England, UK

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  • Luke was born and raised in London, England on the 1st of March 1976. His love for films started at a young age: he, along with friends, made home video horror films when he was a child. Luke then went on to study at the Birmingham School of Speech and Drama - to pursue dramtic and film studies. Luke has been in a number of different stage productions, and had a few television and film credits. Some of his television credits include the historical drama "Uprising," the British drama series "Drama Team," and the drmatic mini-series "In the beginning." He is best know for playing Prince Edvard in the teen movie "The Prince and Me."moreless

    Birth Name:

    Thomas Luke Mably



    Birth Place:

    London, England, UK

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    • Luke: I don't come from the background of this movie at all (The Prince and Me.) I didn't go to a private school or anything like that. I went to some pretty rough, comprehensive schools in South London. What surprised me about this is that I feel like I was just sort of a budding actor in London. I didn't really expect to get a lead role in a movie, just suddenly like this. It's been a real shock. I was just tiptoeing in the shallow end and I feel like somebody picked me up and shoved me into the deep end. I feel very privileged to have this opportunity because I have a lot of friends, other actors I went to college with, and it's a real tough, very competitive business.

    • Luke: My first interest [in film], I suppose, was when I was about eight or nine and I had a good friend whose father brought home the first version of a video camera and we were let loose with it for a weekend. We were eight or nine year old kids so we started making these terrible horror films with tomato sauce and white sheets to pretend to be ghosts. I just remember really enjoying that and the whole creative side of it. I took drama school after that and the whole time, it was just fun and I remember just enjoying doing it - being different people or dressing up in costumes. But I started taking it really seriously when I got into drama school in London and it was a three-year training. From there, I've been on a mission I guess.

    • Luke: (When asked if he learnt anything new while filming "The Prince and Me") I learned many new skills, like how to ride a horse. I had never done it before in my life. I had 3-hour intense lessons and had to learn how in 2 weeks, and not just ride a horse, but how to ride like a Prince sitting up quite straight and all. I also learned about table manners, how to shake hands properly and how to get out of a car correctly.

    • Luke: I want my acting career to continue the way it has been going! I'd like to play many different kinds of characters. I want to do good work that challenges me as an actor. This is the nicest character that I have ever played. (Edvard in "The Prince and Me") In the past I have only played thugs, bad boys and psychopathic criminals. But there is still a lot more I want to do.

    • Luke: I grew up in London. I have been acting professionally for 5 years. I went to drama school in England when I was younger and started to take acting more seriously after college.

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    • Luke's eyes are blue, and his hair is naturally light brown.

    • One of Luke's hobbies is mask making.

    • Luke's dream car is the Porsche Carrera.

    • Luke prefers night to mornings, and sleeps with one pillow.

    • Some of Luke's favourite things are: Music - Stevie Wonder Movie - 10 Rillington Place Smell - Fresh magazines or petrol Ice Cream - Vanilla with biscuit bits Game - Poker Sport - Football. Holiday destination - a deserted island City - New York City.

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