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  • Mae: (On her experience working on the film Scott Pilgrim vs the World) I loved Edgar Wright's movies so much, before I knew him, and Michael Cera is one of my best friends, so I was excited to work with him and I was just excited to be a part of it. But, I had no idea that it would be a big thing. Going to Comic-Con, where it's the exact target audience, it was probably misleading because everybody loves comic books there, but it was pretty wild. Comic-Con was amazing. The film was really well received, and I'm really proud of it. I think Edgar, and everybody who worked on it, did an amazing job.

  • Mae: (talking about Alex Linz) Well, if he drank caffeinne, he would be able to walk up walls. We had fun and teased each other. I had no idea what a paramecium was, and he told me.

  • Mae: (talking about why she took on her movie One Fine Day) When I did the screen test, I got ice cream. I think it was a sundae.

  • Mae: (talking about beating her mom out for the Tyson's Chicken commercial) No. She was surprised though. Now she does voice-overs for cartoons. We just did a Superman cartoon together. I was young Lois Lane in a flashback when her pet monkey gets shot into space. In my favorite part, I said, "Why can't Lucy go into space?" Lucy was my little sister in the cartoon, and I wanted to send her into space instead of my monkey.

  • Mae: (talking about the aliens from her film Independence Day) Aliens were big and ugly- I thought they were cool!

  • Mae Whitman: Yes! Boys are all weird. Every one of them is weird. Yuck!

  • Mae Whitman: (talking about kittens in her movie One Fine Day) I am a kitten lover! And one of the reasons I liked doing One Fine Day was because they had lots of kittens. I got to carry little, tiny baby kittens all over New York.

  • Mae Whitman: (talking about George Clooney) He's a very good kidder and pulls pranks. Like in One Fine Day, they had this fake kitten that cost $7,000. Sometimes George would say, "Toss me that kitten," while people were watching. I would throw it too short, and it would land on the ground. People would be horrified because it looked real. It was really funny.

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  • Mae Whitman is currently dating musician/actor Landon Pigg.

  • Mae Whitman set up an official Twitter account in February of 2011.

  • Mae Whitman provided backup vocals for the band Fake Problems. She can be heard on the song 'Soulless', which is on their Real Ghosts Caught on Tape CD.

  • Mae Whitman was originally cast as Becca Sommers in the unaired pilot for the 2007 TV series Bionic Woman. However, when NBC picked up the show changes were made to the character. The pilot was then reshot and Mae was replaced by actress Lucy Kate Hale.

  • Mae Whitman owns a Xbox 360 and enjoys playing The Beatles: Rock Band. She was also a fan of Dance Dance Revolution.

  • Mae Whitman attended San Diego's Comic-Con for the first time in July of 2010 to promoted the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World along with director Edgar Wright and the rest of the cast.

  • In 2010 Mae Whitman joined the Give A Damn Campaign and did a public service announcement for the fight against suicide amongst gay lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth.

  • Mae has been a vegetarian for many years and became a vegan in late 2009.

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