Maile Flanagan

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Quotes (4)

  • Maile: Well, that I’m a woman of course, and that I’m not as quick to display my emotions on my sleeve as Naruto is.

  • Maile: (asked about the recoding sessions ) We're cracking up. But our sessions should not be repeated in front of children. It's completely filthy!

  • Maile: I love playing repressed homophobic characters.

  • Maile: I went to school with people from all around the world, that probably helps me with doing accents.

Trivia (33)

  • She was Maynard in The Jackie Chan Adventures, on Enter the Viper episode.

  • Maile's name is pronounced Miley

  • Maile Flanagan has been acting since 1987.

  • Maile Flanagan was a comedian at one point in her life.

  • One time as a joke, Maile made her director, Mary Elizabeth do the Sexy Jutsu voice. The real woman who voices Naruto's Sexy Jutsu form is Stephanie Sheh.

  • Maile Flanagan finds it a strain to her voice when she records Naruto's voice for the video games.

  • Maile describes herself as sarcastic. She also doesn't take herself seriously.

  • When Maile lived in Bangkok she spoke Thai. Later, when she moved all over the world, she picked up German, a little Spanish and she even took up French as a child.

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