Marnette Patterson

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  • Marnette: I’m actually kind of a tomboy. I’m a guy’s kind of girl. I love hanging out with just like a group of guys and being real. I’m a total dork! I like snowboarding, surfing, doing fun, cheesy, crazy things. I love reading. I love to go out to dinner, go on hikes, do nature things and travel.

Trivia (25)

  • While starring in Something So Right, Marnette appeared in a public service announcement about substance abuse for NBC's The More You Know.

  • Her favorite color is silver.

  • Her favorite movies include Gone With the Wind, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and The Usual Suspects.

  • Her favorite are homemade macaroni and cheese, Mexican food, Chinese food, Italian food, sushi and ice cream sundaes.

  • Her first kiss can be seen in the film Camp Nowhere with Andrew Keagan.

  • Her first theatrical job was a part on Mama's Family, an old school sitcom which aired from 1983-1990.

  • When she was just beginning acting, she was rejecting alot because of her height. She said that she was tall for her age growing up. But today, she stands 5'6 which is roughly around average height.

  • Her mother is a make-up artist in California.

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