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  • Marti Noxon is a television and film writer best known for her work as a writer and executive producer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is a graduate of Kresge College at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Besides her work on Buffy, she co-wrote the 1999 movie Just A Little Harmless Sex, and wrote the pilot for Still Life in 2003, though the show wasn't picked up. In 2005, she co-created Point Pleasant, which was cancelled after eight episodes (though thirteen were filmed).

    When the WB television network accepted the Buffy spin-off series, Angel, Joss Whedon, the creator and executive producer of both series, promoted Noxon from writer to executive producer and gave her increasing charge of producing Buffy.

    Noxon joined the Buffy writing staff in the second season, and wrote a number of episodes that became fan favorites, including "What's My Line" (parts One and Two), "I Only Have Eyes for You" and "The Wish". However, many viewers had reservations about the sixth and seventh seasons, and some held Noxon responsible for what they regarded as the decline of the show.

    Specific complaints included: the brutal ending of the relationship between Willow and Tara, the decreasing attention given to Xander as a central character, the use of a trio of nerds as villains, Buffy's increasingly self-centered sexual relationship with Spike, and the use of magic as a metaphor for drug use.

    Still, while many fans have reservations about Buffy's last two seasons, these are sometimes ascribed to other causes than Noxon's growing responsibilities. Some simply believe that the show "jumped the shark" (i.e. dramatically declined in quality after a period of excellence), and assign no particular blame to the executive producer, while others lay the blame squarely at the feet of the show's creator, Joss Whedon, and view the "Noxon-bashing" as scapegoating. Whedon himself maintains that he retained full creative control over the show (and, in particular, over the show's story arc, stating at one point: "I killed Tara") and counters claims that stewardship of the show's "mission" was delegated to Noxon: "Dis not th' Nox. [ ... ] Marti (She of the great brain and great beauty) and I shaped this year very carefully, and while we made mistakes (as we do every year), we made our show. We explored what we wanted to, said what we meant. You don't have to like it, but don't think it comes from neglect."

    After Buffy concluded its final season, Noxon went on to create the TV series Still Life, which was not picked up, and Point Pleasant (which was canceled in 2005), on which she was the executive producer. She also wrote the screenplay for the movie Just a Little Harmless Sex. She is credited as a consulting producer on the TV show Prison Break.
    Noxon was a story editor (1997-1998), co-producer (1998-1999), supervising producer (1999-2000), co-executive producer (2000-2001) and executive producer (2001-2003) on Buffy, as well as the director of two season five episodes: "Into the Woods" and "Forever").

    Noxon also appeared on the show as the aptly named "Parking Ticket Woman", who sings about a parking ticket she has received in the season six musical episode "Once More, With Feeling"), reprising the role in the season seven episode "Selfless", now singing with a neighbor (played by David Fury, also reprising his role from "Once More With Feeling") about his mustard-stained shirt.



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    • Marti: I definitely am drawn more to the darker side of things. The things I'm definitely drawn to are more melodramatic, and that's OK - we all have our favourites. It takes me a long time to write a good joke.

    • Marti (About her fellow writer Joss Whedon): Well, pathetically for all of us, Joss doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses. We’re still waiting...

    • Marti (About Buffy's 100th episode): I certainly didn't think I'd still be writing Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and I certainly didn't think that I'd be loving it and passionate about it into my 100th episode or close to it.

    • Marti: The episodes you see from me which have that kind of dramatic bent are just because that’s where my writing was when I got here and I’ve had the opportunity to keep going in that direction. I’d love to do comedy and humour but, for me, it’s not the first instinct.

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    • Marti is 5' 6" (1.68 m) tall.

    • When Marti got her job at Buffy the Vampire Slayer she immediatly phoned her mother, getting the reply: "I'm sorry dear. You'll do better next year".

    • Many of the fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a big dislike of the series' two last seasons, and many fans blamed Marti's growing responsibility for this, but Joss Whedon has stated that they had equally much responsibility in the shaping of the Seasons, and that they did exactly what they wanted to do.

    • Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer once called Marti: "Marti - She of the great brain and great beauty"

    • When the WB television network accepted the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off series, Angel, Joss Whedon, the creator and executive producer of both series, promoted Marti from writer to executive producer and gave her increasing charge of producing Buffy.

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